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Baby Announcement!!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day to post this adorable photo, but the family had not told everyone their exciting news quite yet. Well, the cat is finally out of the bag and I’m thrilled to share this with all of you. How adorable is this shot?!


Design on a Dime or Should I Say Penny!

I love HGTV and all of their design programs, but their idea of Design on a Dime is to stay under $1,000. I guess if I were to have a show, it would probably be called Design on a Penny because $1,000 isn’t a dime to many families. 🙂 If you follow me on Pinterest or are a friend of mine on Facebook, you’ll know that in my “spare” time I love to do projects in my home. Well, we just bought a cottage, so I feel the overwhelming urge to be frugal with my projects/spending at home. However, my living room is where I spend the majority of my time and it has been virtually the same since I first designed it 11 years ago (yes, I did say 11)! In older homes, overhead lighting is practically non-existent and with the dark green walls the room was almost like a cave at night. The sofa was our first “major” purchase after we got married, but it was making the room feel tiny when it really wasn’t. Plus, we had two dogs that scratched a couple tears in different sections. So, my thrifty idea was to take out the middle section and the corner section and turn it into a normal sofa. Since my youngest daughter is still under one, leather is really a very practical material for our family. Here is the before/after, although I struggle putting it up since I still am looking for the accent chairs and a beautiful, large vintage mirror that I can picture so clearly in my head. What do you think of my design on a penny? Pretty big punch for a can of paint! Oh, and the other shot is of my 12 year old couch. I took the back cushions off (yes, puffy was in back then) and just added some beautiful throw pillows instead. I love it so much more now! Oh, did I mention my love for Scotch Guard? If you have pillows or upholstered furniture that can’t go in the wash, give it a nice spray before your kids even come near it!

Personalized Name Art – Just $20 per word for the prints!

Happy 1st Birthday Ryder!

It is always fun when I have the opportunity to photograph kids that are similar ages as my girls. This little guy wasn’t even two months older than my baby girl and he was walking, climbing up and down stairs, and all over the place! Just goes to show that the old saying your parents always said was true, “Cherish every moment because kids grow up so fast.” I love this one year old stage when their personalities are blooming. Happy birthday Ryder!

Let the Heat Wave Continue!

West Michigan is having record breaking temps and we are loving it! This family lived in Charlotte, NC and enjoy the heat there for about 7 years, so this very mild winter has been a nice surprise for them! This session was at the lake with a couple adorable little kiddos. What a beautiful setting too!

Drake & Julianna ~ High Five for Being Troopers!

The weather forecast for today was 50’s, which is definitely outdoor weather for pics. However, the wind was bitter cold this morning and it felt like it was around 30. Despite that, the kiddos were great! They fussed a little here and there, but all in all they were excellent! I’m back to my obsession with close ups here. But, how can I not love close ups with those eyes; they are spectacular!

Photo Sizing/Resizing Chart

After explaining this over and over again, I’ve finally decided to make a chart that will hopefully help clarify the difference between cropping and resizing. Enlargement DOES mean cropping if it isn’t an equal conversion. If you hated math in school, you’ll probably hate this too. But, my hope is that this is helpful in understanding a little more about printing. When enlarging, you need to visualize photos the way they will be printed and see if that is the right size for the photo.

Sweet Sisters, Mary & Maddie

I first met Maddie two years ago and now she is a big sister! Mary is just 6 months old and so adorable. She had a really runny nose today, but we had some great photo opts between her mom wiping her nose and her not being happy about it. Don’t you just love the chunky baby stage? I know I do!

Good Morning Happy! Drew ~ 6 Month PICS

I love it when both parents are excited about their photo session. Believe me, it seems to be very rare that the dads are excited (unless it is for one of my 15 minute mini sessions), which is sometimes understandable because it can occasionally be frustrating if your child is not the perfect client. Well today, this dad was game on with the character voices and silly songs. It was great and little Drew was eating it up. Isn’t he just adorable! This is one of my favorite ages to photograph. The big, wide open mouth smiles are so fun!

Closing Out Birthday Week with More Twins!

I have had so many birthday sessions lately and so many TWINS! I grew up only knowing two sets of twins, but I never knew twins were so common. The thing I notice most about twins is how different they always are. That held true again with this session. One of the boys was super smiley and the other was very disinterested in the entire idea of having his picture taken. At the end of the day, I stole a couple grins out of him and hopefully his parents will be pleasantly surprised.

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