Pinterest in Action!

Last night I took a much needed break from editing to hang out with some girlfriends and make a craft found on Pinterest. Everyone brought their own 11×14 frame and then we covered a galvanized steel board with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and whatever else we could find. Then we made our magnets (make sure they are strong or they won’t stay up through the glass) and put it all together. Before I got there, I didn’t have any idea where I would put it or what I would put on it. Many were doing Menu boards and To Do Lists, so I decided on a “Things That Make Mommy Smile” board to put in my girl’s bathroom. Sometime the bedtime routine gets a little stressful, so I thought doing this might give them a little motivation to do what they are suppose to do without being asked. We are on our first night and the board was a hit!


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  1. Love it! Where is the “p” for my little squeeze……and I will be giving her one on Sunday;-)

  2. She’s too little for me to give her chores yet. šŸ˜‰

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