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More Pinterest ~ 24×36 Print, I Love This!!

So, you may notice that I am a little obsessed with Pinterest. Some of the ideas are great, some don’t really work, and some just need a little adjustment. This is a pin that I tweaked and LOVED the results. I took this adorable photo of two of my girls laughing and squishing faces. I burned a high res copy to a disc and brought it to Office Max. They charge $3.90 for a 24×36 B&W print (color is around $25). Now on Pinterest they recommended buying foam board and gluing it on yourself for a project total of around $15. Well, I would much rather pay Office Max an additional $21 to put it on foam board for me. They actually got a wrinkle the first time they ran it through their machine and had to redo it (so glad I didn’t try that myself!). So, for a total of around $26, this is adorable and the quality is surprisingly great! I would NOT recommend this with a low quality original photo. The larger you get it, the worse it may look. What do you think? Do you love it? I actually made a different one too and they are both in the girl’s room at our cottage.


Product PICS

I’ve done product photos for Smart Bottoms before, but these “wet bags” are SO cute! I love the fabrics and think they could be used even for wet swimsuits after a day at the beach. Aren’t they adorable! For more info check out http://www.smartbottoms.com.

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