Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

More DIY and Pinterest!

I saw the monogram wrapped with twine on Pinterest. I thought it was so cute, but didn’t know what to do with it. So, I picked up this old window pane and paired them together. It is hung in the living room at our cottage and I think it looks great. Side note, these wrapped letters are much easier to do with letters that are open and not closed (B is much harder than S).

This is a headboard that I made for our cottage. I actually made two and have made several others besides these. The reason, they are SO easy and SO inexpensive compared to the hundreds of dollars that Pottery Barn charges for theirs. Start with a piece of plywood and spray glue on foam from JoAnn Fabrics. After that, pull your fabric around it and staple it in the back. That’s it! Project time of probably an hour max!

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