On a Personal Note, What was up with this Summer?

Over 15 months ago now, tragedy struck our community. When Derek Taatjes and his son Dylan died in a house fire everyone was asking why! This family was so intertwined with mine. I worked for Derek’s dad and with Derek and one of his sisters. Derek and I shared a birthday, I had nicknamed him Junior, I knew his two sisters and his mother very well, was in Bible study with his wife, took newborn photos of his son, Dylan, and they were my first client for family photos many years ago. The ties went way back. It shook our entire church family, our community and really their connections stretched all over the world. I’m sure there are many, many families that have a story to share on how this impacted their lives, here is a little of mine.

Derek and Charity were an amazing family. What struck my family the most after this happened was the need to make the most of every second you have together. My husband was really challenged through this tragedy and one thing we decided together was that we needed more family time. With that decision, we decided to purchase a small cottage. We wanted to spend more time together, creating memories that will last forever. We also wanted the opportunity to be able to share (not rent) our cottage with others so they too could create family memories.

You may ask, why am I blogging this on a photography website? Well, the answer is because of this page and my job. My priorities have changed this summer. Am I still working, yes. Have I lost clients because my schedule isn’t as flexible, yes. Do I know how many, unfortunately no. I do want to take this opportunity to apologize to my clients for my tight schedule, but I think this will give you a little bit more of an understanding as to why. Family is more important than my work. I love what I do and capturing memories for all of my clients, but I hope you understand that I also NEED to cherish the memories that I am creating as well. I look forward to a very busy fall and hope that my clients are sticking with me through a busy, but amazing summer.


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