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FAMILY Spelled Out With Letters

I love it when clients come with their own ideas. The older daughter, who was in college, admitted to be a Pinterest junkie (so I am). She brought the letters to spell out FAMILY and I think it turned out really cute!


What a Tough Kiddo!

This little girl was sick. She had a fever and the mom gave her some cold medicine to help her function. Look at her sweet face with her brother; you would never know she wasn’t feeling well. This family was great and I was really impressed with the girl sticking with it!

Q: How do you Photograph Young Boys? A: Have Fun!

This family got out of the car and the four year old boy was in tears. He had his coat on, with the hood pulled over his head, and just looked at me and pouted. Well, I knew with the location we were at I had a quick fix for this one. I put on my playful face and raced him over to the tire swing. It was pretty much a 180 from there and as you’ll see below, he was amazingly cooperative!

Such an Adorable Family!

I’m not sure if it is okay to call clients favorites, probably not, but this is one of my favorite families from this town. Why? Besides how adorable and photogenic they are, the mom is the one who makes these minis possible for me. Since it is an hour away from Grand Rapids, she sets up the locations and invites her friends. Frankly, I couldn’t do it without her. Thanks so much Michelle; I really appreciate you!!

Photoshop Tip!

Sometimes it is unavoidable that you will have some fixing to do on a great photo to make it even better. This was one of those photos. The dog was a puppy, so they didn’t want to take his leash off. The client asked me if I could take the leash out. I can do that easily with the clone stamp. You’ll see the middle photo, the leash is gone. However, I am very particular when it comes to hands, hand placement, and keeping hands open and flat. So, the “grip” to me looked funny without the leash. My solution was to make his arm appear to be behind his back instead (the photo on the right). What do you think? That would be the photo that I personally would prefer of the three. How did I do it, two words, Clone Stamp! Clone Stamp is my favorite tool of all in PS. If you don’t know how to use it, practice because the options are endless with it!

More Family Mini Session Fun!

When families have older children it is often a breath of fresh air. They listen, they cooperate, and I don’t have to look or act ridiculous to get them to smile. This family came with two older children, but also with two dogs! Dogs are definitely a wild card with photos, but these dogs actually did great. Check out my Facebook page for photos of the Mastiff that weighed almost the same as me!

Twins & Big Brothers!

Twins are so fun to photograph, boy/girl twins or the same gender, both are fun! This family had a fun dynamic because the older brothers were so great with the twins. They were very soft spoken and very helpful as well. Side note, I was a big fan of the bright color choices of the guys in this family!

A New Location Can be Scary OR Great!

I’ve been doing mini sessions in a town an hour east of home for three years in a row now. The only drawback is that I don’t know the area and therefore don’t choose the location. It can be a little scary for me because I don’t know what I’m getting into. This location was beautiful. The landscaping and barn were amazing; BUT, there was a dog outside when I got there. I am in no way, shape or form a dog person. I tried to knock at the home and no one answered. Then, the pooch decided to start growling (not barking) at me and showing his teeth! At this point I was a little freaked out. Luckily, my first client walked right up to pet the dog and he seemed fine after that. Whew, crisis averted!

Fall Brings Mini Sessions, Lots of Mini Sessions!

Every fall I host several mini sessions in order to get as many clients booked in time to get their Christmas card photos ready. This was my first fall mini and it had 10 families. So, here come all the previews from DeWitt!

Baby Gender Reveal with TWINS!

This session was SO fun, except that we did it the day before the ultrasound and I wasn’t really the first to know. 😉 I had to watch Facebook and see which pics she put up. It was so much fun though doing all blue, then all pink, and then finally pink and blue! Well, pink and blue was the winner and I’m so excited for this amazing family!

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