Daily Archives: September 29, 2012

FAMILY Spelled Out With Letters

I love it when clients come with their own ideas. The older daughter, who was in college, admitted to be a Pinterest junkie (so I am). She brought the letters to spell out FAMILY and I think it turned out really cute!


What a Tough Kiddo!

This little girl was sick. She had a fever and the mom gave her some cold medicine to help her function. Look at her sweet face with her brother; you would never know she wasn’t feeling well. This family was great and I was really impressed with the girl sticking with it!

Q: How do you Photograph Young Boys? A: Have Fun!

This family got out of the car and the four year old boy was in tears. He had his coat on, with the hood pulled over his head, and just looked at me and pouted. Well, I knew with the location we were at I had a quick fix for this one. I put on my playful face and raced him over to the tire swing. It was pretty much a 180 from there and as you’ll see below, he was amazingly cooperative!

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