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18 Months + Bun in the Oven!

I always say, 18 months through three years old (boy) is the hardest to photograph. This is fine and a challenge I feel ready for every time. However, I think parents often get discouraged and a bit frazzled during these sessions. This little guy was just like all the other children his age, on the go! We did a few different “poses” that were more fun for him and I’m hoping the parents are pleasantly surprised because I think they turned out great!


Be Colorful and Don’t Be Afraid to Do Something Different!

I was delighted when I met this family at our location and saw what they were wearing. If you follow my website at all, I’m sure you have heard me say over and over how much I love color and layers! Their little guy had so much energy that I thought this shot on the left would be a perfect picture of their family dynamic. The shot on the right also just shows where they are and a little bit about each child’s style. I love both of these shots!

Welcome to the World Layrn!

We did some big sister shots, family shots, and lots of the new baby. This was a great session and both of the girls did amazing. It was so wonderful meeting you all and I look forward to more sessions with sweet Layrn.

Another Beautiful Senior!

Seniors are definitely one of my favorites to photograph, especially with the natural beauty that this girl has. We had a beach session and an urban session and both were equally stunning!

Girlie Girl From Day 1!

I knew going into this session that the mom would have a plan for props and poses. For her son we did a football jersey, golf club and a variety of other items. So, I brought all my girlie props with me and just as I expected, she had a stack almost as big as mine. Grandma had bought her this crown. Seriously, how adorable is that?! All around, she was a very cooperative (aka sleepy) newborn!! I love these shots below!

Grand Rapids Family PICS

I love it when I get a new client and they already know so many other of my clients too. Referrals are the backbone of this business and I appreciate them more than you could know. Thank you all so much for passing my card along to friends! I had another great session with this fun, new family!

Daddy’s Girl!

This family has three children, just like my family, but with one major difference. Their youngest, who is almost the same age as my youngest, is a HUGE daddy’s girl! With my daughter being such a mama’s girl, this was so different for me. I will say, I was a little jealous. It is nice to have a mama’s girl, but it is also nice to have some space once in a while. 😉 We had a great session again this year. Thanks guys!

Extended Family Sessions

Extended family sessions can get a little crazy, depending on how many kiddos are involved. This one wasn’t that bad because there were two babies and just one toddler. I hope grandma and grandpa are pleased because they seem to have a wonderful family!

A Different Take on Website PICS

This company called me regarding head shots for their website. When they called, they also said they wanted something “different.” We did a set of casual head shots and then, in came the dogs! I must admit, I’m not a huge pet person and of course, all of these dogs were BIG! I was hoping for a few chihuahuas or something, but no luck. Anyway, I think the pics turned out really fun and they will look great on their new website, which will be rolling out soon.

Are Newborn PICS Important?

This is one of my clients I met a couple years ago. Our first session was with their older daughter, who was 3 months old. The parents didn’t get newborn pics with her, but they decided to do it with their second daughter. I’m glad they did! Newborn sessions, in my opinion, are ones that should NEVER been skipped. Babies never will look that way again and they change so quickly that the moment needs to be captured! Isn’t she just sweet and adorable!

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