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Happy 3rd Birthday!!

All it takes for most kids is to get them talking about something they are excited about. This little girl just turned three. She had a Hello Kitty themed party and received tons of Hello Kitty gifts. So, all of her big smiles I owe to the wonderful guests who brought wonderful gifts that she was telling me about.



The Last Mini of the Year!!

I have survived the busy season once again and I’m thankful to all of my clients for making it another great year!

My Best Friend’s Family!

I love new clients, but I also cherish the old. I have known this mama since middle school and we have been close ever since. We’ve each gotten married, had three babies and been through so much together. I could go on and on, but truly just love this family!

Daddy’s Girls!

I was a little weary starting this session when the baby would not even crack a small grin. Then, daddy arrived, and had her smiling in no time!

Simple and Beautiful!

This client requested the location, walked around and scoped out spots, had coordinating outfits and props ready to go! I loved it because it made my job easy. I was more of the follower than the leader of this session. The shot on the left was one that I had to stop and capture. Her sweet innocence and flat out beauty was remarkable!

Recap from Last Saturday’s Minis!

How to Paint a Chevron Wall

I need to first apologize to all of my photography followers, but I love design as well, so I had to share!

Step 1: Paint the base coat. Let this dry overnight. Since you will be taping over the paint, you want to make sure it is really dry.

Step 2: Measure the width of your wall. Based on the width, figure out how wide to make each of the lines of the triangle. I am very much a perfectionist, so I wanted a full line on each side. I chose 16″ for the sides and 11″ high to the point. The height needs to be divisible as well by the height of the wall. Here is an example, if your wall is 100″ wide, 10″ sides would be perfect, but 7″ would not be.

Step 3: Using a tape measure, start at the top of the wall and start measuring. Use a pencil and make dots at all of the points.

Step 4: Using painters tape, connect the points with tape. The most important part of this step is that the line must be inside the dots on one side and outside on the other. This will make sense when you start doing it. To ensure they are even spaces the tape can not cover the area you will be painting. Use scissors to make sure you have a clean line at the points that will be inside the painted area. Do not worry about the side that will not be painted.

Step 5: This is an important step that many people skip! Seal the tape! Paint your base color over the tape of the area that is going to be painted the other color. This is to seal the line; so, if it seeps through underneath the tape, it will be the base color and not the other color. This is how to get a perfect edge (same can be done with painting stripes).

Step 6: Put small pieces of tape in the sections that are not being painted. When it looks crazy with all the lines, sometimes mistakes can happen and this helps to prevent painting in the wrong areas.

Step 7: Paint your color with two coats. Peel the tape before the second coat is dry. This prevents any peeling of the dry paint.

Step 8: Take a step back and enjoy your masterpiece! My before, during, and after shots are below.

Sneak Peek from Last Saturday’s Downtown Minis!

Need a Head Shot?

Head shots can be the first sign of professionalism or not. Whether they are on LinkedIn, a webpage, sign or business card, there is no replacement for a professional head shot. Here are a couple favorites from a session with a local Realtor. The most important part of the head shot is the angle. Never shoot straight on; it is not flattering for anyone.

It’s a Small World!

I love it when I have email correspondence with clients, and then meet them in person, only to find out that we know each other. That is what happened with this client. I was emailing with the wife for scheduling and when we met I realized that I grew up at church with her husband. They still live in the area I grew up in and drove 45 minutes to meet me. What an adorable family they have!

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