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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from PICS Photography!

I trust Christmas was a wonderful day spent with family and loved ones. I hope it was centered on Jesus birthday so long ago. My family had a wonderful and special day. I’m looking forward to a New Years Eve spent with my husband and three girls having a movie night and staying off the roads. Here was our Christmas card this year. I’ll be sharing more client cards as well as soon as I peel them off the window. 🙂

Christmas Card 2012


Another Wee Little One!

This little guy was SO tiny! He was almost two weeks and weighed in at just 5lbs! His mama had Pinterest open with all of her newborn posing ideas. I like it when families do that and some of my shots are already on their boards. The pose on the left was one that I took for another client several months ago and had over 750 repins on it. He had a great head of hair already so we decided to replicate that shot. I think it is just as special this time and I really love the one on the right as well. It is just different than the “normal” poses that most families do with the infants.


Welcome to the World Baby Abby!

Newborns are always a wild card! This little one was less than 2 weeks, but the mom said she was still a very sleepy girl. I’ve heard that so many times that I can’t even count. But, this little one came through for us. She was awake for just a couple minutes at the start and then fell into a really deep sleep, which allowed us to pose her and change her outfits as much as we wanted. My description of a perfect newborn session was this baby!


Christmas 3 Month Session!

Some people love props and some don’t. This family is one that I’ve photographed several times and I know that the mom LOVES props. This is also her first girl, so she loves the girlie shots! I think these turned out really adorable. I especially love the one on the left with the candy canes scattered around her.


3 Month Cutie!

A lot of cuteness with this 3 month girl. Her giant eyes in the pic on the left are amazing!


I Love Barn Sessions!

I walked up to this barn to ask if I could take some pics. There was loud music playing and the man looked at me and said, “Of what?” I thought it was hilarious because I told him, “Of the people that I brought with me.” He agreed and off we went. The rustic barn feel and the deep tones of this family’s clothing was a perfect match. I love every single one of the pics from this session, but here are a few!


60 Degrees the Day Before Thanksgiving?!

Yes, I’m way behind on my posts. When I have so many shoots in the fall, the website updates are often the last priority. This session was the day before Thanksgiving and I had 4 families that day. In Michigan, you never know what kind of weather to expect, but it was warm and perfect! How cute is this family!


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