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Is This Beauty Really 40?!

With over 200 shoots last year, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing families. This couple was one of them. I recently received an email asking if I’d be interested in shooting her 40th birthday party. Besides not believing she was really 40, I gladly accepted. It was a fun party and we captured some really special moments.



Another Two Year Old Little Guy

This was a completely adorable family. The little girl had the sweetest face and the little boy gave me a run for my money. He gave me a couple big smiles when he was throwing rocks into the river (my idea of course) and the rest were just subtle grins.


Thys Turns Two!

I have a lot of fun photographing kids that are very close in age to my children. I remember shooting this little guy’s newborn pics, when I was pregnant and felt like a giant house, with my last daughter. After two years, time has flown by, and here we are again with our little toddlers in toe!


4 Days and Wide Awake?

I typically suggest newborn sessions to be scheduled within the first week of birth in hopes of a really sleepy subject. This one we squeezed in at 4 days because I was headed out on vacation the following week. I was shocked when the baby was awake the majority of the session. We had the heat cranked and the bottle ready. Although she was awake, we still captured some priceless shots. The one on the right is a classic that I wish I would have captured when my last baby was born. It just isn’t the same when the smallest hand isn’t tiny. I love it!


6 Months and the Baby Blues are Still Amazing!

This little girl is such a sweetie. She started to get sleepy towards the end and snuggled with her blankie and it was so adorable I had to take a pic of that too. I love the “Watch Me Grow” package where I am able capture the moments of these little ones as they are growing up.


Maternity Session with Twins!

Some women are afraid of maternity photos and some really embrace them. I showed this couple a handful of photos when we first met to see what they liked and didn’t like. They were both natural in front of the camera and we had a really fun session. To see more from this session, check the maternity portfolio.

19 march

Loving this Little Guy’s Hair!

This little guy’s mama always comes with props in toe. From our maternity, newborn and now this 3 month session, she has had several fun ideas. One of the things she wanted to do was to keep his name blocks in all the photos, which I think is a cute idea. It will be fun to see how big he is compared to the blocks on his first birthday!


3 Month Little Sweetie

This little girl was one of my best newborn clients ever. Well, she continued her streak and did really well at this session too.


There is a First for Everything!

I’m pretty sure this was my first time on a snowmobile and what was I doing? I was riding backwards and taking pics of this little boy riding his own snowmobile! I was shocked, amazed, and I’m not going to lie because I was squeezing the seat as tightly as I could with my legs so I didn’t fall off! Photography is always an adventure!


I Heart Faces Photo Challenge “Framed”

From the rooftop of a building downtown, this photo is “framed” by the city skyline.


Photo Challenge Submission

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