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Parker, Sweet as Can Be!

I have three girls. I think God made me a perfect mom for girls. Boys on the other hand, seem completely exhausting to me. But, BABY boys are still SO sweet! I love this photo on the left because I asked the parents if he was a thumb sucker and they said, no, not yet. Well, I think we captured his first thumb sucking moment and it may seem silly, but it was so sweet!



2014 Senior Spokesmodel

It is not a secret that I love senior portraits, especially girls who get into it too. I like going to new locations and shooting a variety of poses the seniors can do and look amazing. How fun is this purple wall!!


Welcome to the World Kendall!

I must admit, besides senior girls, newborns are probably my favorite sessions. They can be frustrating, exhausting, and a test of my patience, but the results are always so amazing. This particular baby was actually a very easy “model” because she slept when she was suppose to and didn’t mind me moving her around. The shot on the left, with her big brother, is probably one of my favorites all time. His face is just so sweet as he’s cuddling his new sister. I love it!!


Baby Shower with PICS

It is always fun seeing pregnant moms with their first baby. The excitement is so great and they are truly just glowing as people say. I photographed this baby shower and the couple and all their friends were wonderful and filled with such excitement that it was a pleasure to be a part of it!


April Showers in West Michigan!

I just heard on the radio that we’ve gotten more rain in April this year then we have since 1909! It has been crazy. This particular client was hoping for outside pics, but after switching the date a couple of times, we decided the rain just wasn’t going to stop. So, here are our indoor pics. The kids did great and it was a nice session.


Look Who Turned One!!

I love my job. Having the opportunity to watch all these little babies grow up and capture the moments along the way is so fun. I still remember my first session with this baby and now she is one and getting to be a big girl already. Happy birthday sweetie!


Professional Head Shots

This pastor and his lovely wife needed updated head shots for their website and other marketing materials. What a wonderful couple and fun too. I bet their congregation enjoys their services!


Twins & Wind for the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

When I saw the category was wind, I didn’t think I had anything to enter. Then I remembered these little twins and how windy this day was. We received so much feedback on this photo with everyone cracking up! Some people may have deleted it, but it still makes me smile every time I see it!


Photo Challenge Submission

6 Months and I’m Lovin’ Her Chub!

The only time it is okay to have rolls galore is when you are a baby. This baby has them and is so adorable with them! I just wanted to squeeze her chubby little cheeks. She is just so cute!



This older boy was enjoying his adventure at the park. He was running (away), climbing, finding sticks, and exploring everything he could. In other words, I had to catch him in the act of cuteness. Doesn’t he have outstanding blue eyes! His 9 month old little brother was pretty cute and full of smiles; what a cute pair.


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