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Families don’t always tell me when they are bringing their pets to the sessions. This family brought their dog, but didn’t know if they wanted to try to do pics with him or not. Just look at that shot we caught. I could not believe it when I was reviewing it afterwards and saw how he looked perfect and posed. The rest of the time that dog was bouncing around trying to lick everyone, but somehow we caught this one of him looking perfect. I love it!



Another Michigan Lake Shore Mini

I know this family and I know that the photo on the right is the “picture perfect” shot of their family. They are silly and fun! I personally would rather see a real depiction of a family that shows their personalities than a boring shot with a bunch of fake smiles. The mom said, “This one is going on the wall!” when she saw that photo.


Spring Minis are Here!

I love mini sessions. They are so fun because I challenge myself to do different pics with each new family. It was a beautiful evening on the Michigan lake shore. This was a fun family and I love the hang time this mama got in that shot on the right.


Happy Birthday Titus!

I might be a little behind on my posts because I had 10 shoots over the weekend. This little guys was so cute though. I had to share a couple of his big smile with his little two teeth sticking out. I will have many more on my Facebook page soon, including from the end of the session where we did SMASH THE CAKE, which I loved, especially with the chocolate frosting!!


Another Extended Family!

Spring is finally in the air over here in West Michigan. We are having some beautiful days and that means busy season has struck! Everyone is thawing out from the winter and ready to get out and enjoy PICS and enjoy their families. I meet this little girl last year on her first birthday. This session I had the privilege of meeting the rest of her family, including her tiny newborn cousin.


Extended Family PICS

Extended family sessions are always a little nerve racking, not because I don’t know what I’m doing, but because I know we may not have an option of rescheduling. I had two set up back to back and the weather forecast was predicting rain. With family members flying in from all over the country, I knew these sessions were make or break with the weather and the timing. Fortunately, the weather report wasn’t right (I know, surprise) and I had a great day for both sessions. The grandpa said this to me, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to have this done!” That is a heart warming moment when I hear things like that and make me thankful for the job and clients that I have.


Meet a PICS Senior Rep, Brandon

I love it when seniors incorporate what they love into their senior portraits. This senior did a great job with that. First of all, we went to the campus where he plans to attend college. I loved the campus; it had amazing architecture on the old buildings. He also brought his soccer ball and his Bible. He plans to study ministry and has a strong faith that is very admirable. This was a great session.


Meet Sweet Little Gavin

Gavin was just two weeks old when he wore his daddy’s tie for this photo, isn’t it so adorable! His big sister was enjoying the session and enjoying being a big sister too. She loved her big sister shirt with her brother’s matching little brother shirt. Isn’t that so adorable how she is just cuddling him and holding him tight. That is definitely a precious moment!


Extended Family Time!

This family had a very exciting two weeks. One set of grandparents flew in for a week and then the other was staying for the next week. They overlapped for a fun weekend where we were able to capture these priceless shots. Extended family photos are so important. I think families should make a point of getting them done at least every 5 years!


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