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Extended Family Sessions

Have you ever had an extended family session, with all the cousins and grandma and grandpa? If not, you should! I suggest them every 2-4 years or as new babies are added to the family. These are important photos not only for the grandparents, but for the grandchildren to cherish as they get older. I ended this session by thanking the mom who scheduled it. I said, “Hey, thanks for keeping my card since I haven’t seen you in about 2 years.” She said, “Oh, everyone knows you anyway, don’t worry.” That was very flattering to know that people around town know me for my work! Thanks for the compliment Jill!



Cassidy and Andrew Tie the Knot!

These two were a fun pair! I met the bride at Office Max of all places. She was printing her wedding invitations and I was printing some post cards. The date ending up fitting into my schedule and the rest is history. The wedding party and family were all super easy going. Thanks for letting me share this hot, sunny, beautiful, summer day with you both Cassidy and Andrew!


Isaac Turns One!

This little guy was all smiles. I love the babies who have the huge, open mouth smile. My girls all had it too. Mama had to get one with all of her babies (the shot on the right with the three pups). Isaac was a good sport and loved the dogs, even with their tails in his face.


Casual Lifestyle Family Photos

I like some “posed” photos, like the one on the right. But, I also really love the casually “posed” arrangement as well. I love having the parents together and then letting the children do their own thing. Obviously the older daughter was enjoying her freedom with her ballet type stance and the little guy was just running back and forth and lifting his shirt up and down showing me his belly. It was really funny! It is a sweet memory though for the parents to see the true age and personality of their children.


Happy Birthday Ryan!

I’ve been really slow at updating my website. I’m sorry, but it is hard when it’s summer and beautiful out. I don’t know about you, but our summer is filled with friends, family, swimming and fun! Here is a little look at Ryan and the fun he had with his cake. For more pics from this session and every session, make sure you are following PICS on Facebook at


Cuteness Alert! 9 Month Buns!

This little guy is so adorable. I’ve been capturing his pics since he was born. Since our last session the parents found out he was allergic to everything. Major changes have been made to his diet; his skin has now vastly improved and he is a happy little guy. It is so nice to see him smile!

Boys Being Boys!

This family always has interesting props for our sessions. In the winter we did snowmobiles and I knew they’d have something else planned again. It is great because it makes for natural and fun (unforced) photos!

Grand Rapids Christian Senior, Abby

I love senior portraits! I love how comfortable they can be behind the camera and look completely natural even when posed. This girl has some amazing eyes!! How about that lighting? Isn’t it stunning with her hair. To see more from Abby’s session, make sure you check the Senior Portfolio.


Adorable Premie Peanut!

This little sweetie was a month early! She was precious and we had a really great session. I’m glad I convinced the mom to put the big kids in a couple shots too because they are astonishingly cute!! Look at that sweet puckered mouth, love it!


This Family Warmed My Heart!

After about two minutes into the session I suggested that they sit in the grass. A couple of the kids groaned and said, “NO!” I then said, “Okay, let’s do something else.” and we moved on. The mother turned to me and said, “You are much better than our other photographer!” I was surprised and said, “Why?” She said, “Because you didn’t make them do what you wanted.” Well, starting a session fighting with kids is never a great idea. Then, towards the end of the session, the oldest child said, “I bet these pictures are going to turn out really nice!” It was so cute hearing it from a kid and especially from a boy! It was a heart warming session with this adorable and sweet family!


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