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A Family of Feet!

I’m not going to lie, this photo might have had a little editing magic performed on it. Sometimes feet are just too far apart or turned a little awkward. But, no one will ever know (until now) because it looks flawless and just like the photo the mother requested. That hat and tie combo was completely adorable too!



PICS Sunset Session!

I’m really glad we had such a beautiful night for pics. In the spring this family was last (in hopes for a beautiful sunset) and was rained out. This night was absolutely perfect. Now you’ll see why everyone loves Lake Michigan. It is absolutely beautiful.


PICS Photojournalism Style

This mama told me she wanted the pics all casual and all having fun. Besides the fact that they are so stinkin’ cute, they are so photogenic! I hope the mama is pleased because there wasn’t really a bad shot in the bunch.


More Lake Shore PICS!

Photographing friends is fun, but also adds a little bit of pressure. This family is so cute though that I knew I’d nail the pics! How adorable is the little boy?! I can’t get over his sweet smile. He was probably one of the most cooperative 3 year olds that I’ve ever worked with! Thanks again Annie for allowing me to capture these moments for your family!


New Lake Shore Client

I love new clients, especially when they chose the amazing setting of Lake Michigan! This family was super adorable. The younger boy was really shy and took a little while to warm up, but I think in the end the pics turned out really special for this family.


Family Fun with PICS

Sometimes when the children are grown and already photogenic, you have to add a little fun to get a better shot. This girl was a self proclaimed non-hugger. So, I made her dad hug her and got this amazing smile. I also had her piggy back with him, which she probably had not done it years. The splashing was obviously saved for the end, but those are always fun shots to capture.


Boys on the Lake Shore

I love the small grin in the shot on the left. I have a special place in my heart for freckles since my entire family has them. They are all so cute!


PICS Summer Lake Shore Mini!

If you follow me on Facebook or here on my website, you will know that I offer a variety of mini sessions throughout the year. Living in west Michigan, what we refer to as “The Big Lake,” (Lake Michigan) is only about 45 minutes away and is absolutely stunning. These sessions always fill very quickly for me. This was my first session from last weekend. I knew this little guy would give me a run for my money, but the pics turned out great and I already received a thank you from the mother saying she loved them! It is always a great feeling for me to hear wonderful feedback.


Quinceanera Party!

This was a first for me! I have never attended or photographed a Quinceanera before. They may as well have called it a wedding though because it was amazing! The dress and the “wedding party” were all decked out and it was beautiful. What a special privilege for this beautiful 15 year old to have such a wonderful party with friends and family!


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