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Mommy and Me Session

It is fun seeing parents and children interact and have fun together. These two are actually neighbors of mine and the little guy kept wanting me to hold him instead of his mom. It was cute, but obviously not ideal for what we were trying to accomplish. I do think we captured a few precious moments though.



Beautiful New Baby and Family

This little three month baby was so adorable. Her mom was just glowing, every time she looked at and held her little one. It was a joy to see.


PICS First Timers!

This family admitted to me they had not had their photos taken in 10 years! I was hopeful that they would have a wonderful experience and love the results and I think they did! Thanks guys and hope to see you sooner than another decade. 😉


Time for Tree Climbing PICS!

I have found that natural smiles come out a lot easier when the kids are doing something fun, like climbing this amazing tree. Love it!!


Family Posing Tips!

Traditional photos and posing are fine, but I love to get close! I love the squeezy cheeks and the cuddling shots. I love the natural smile from the dad in the shot on the right. What a nice looking family! For tips on what to wear, make sure you check the tab on the home page under Portfolio.


Life Full Circle

It’s always fun when, as a photographer, I am allowed to share several special moments in a couple’s life. I photographed this couple for their wedding a couple years ago and now they are back with this little guy who is six months old. So fun!


Welcome Sweet Baby, Jordan

Newborn sessions admittedly are some of my favorite sessions. I love the results and the preciousness of the photos that can never be duplicated and will be shared and saved forever! I love baby’s first grin that we caught here too.


Extended Family, 4 Generations!

It doesn’t happen that frequently anymore that couples celebrate their 60th anniversary! This couple was doing just that with their children, grand children, and great grand children. What a wonderful moment to capture.


Look Who’s Two!

This little one was so taken with the ducks. They are new to the area and I suggested a couple different parks for pics. The mom told me they drove through this one and knew it was the right one because of how much the little one loves ducks! She even had a duck theme for her second birthday that week. How absolutely adorable! See PICS Facebook page for more from this duck session.


More Wedding Fun!

This wedding had a little problem with the weather, but it only held us up for a few minutes. The lot was so beautifully wooded that we were able to just go further into the trees and have them as our natural umbrella. It was a beautiful ceremony to blend two lovely families together. They were a very fun couple as you can tell by the center shot.


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