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I am a part-time photographer, full-time mom to three beautiful girls, and wife to a wonderful husband. I love all of my jobs and they each make me better at the other. I feel like I relate to my clients so well because many of them are children and I am right in the thick of it at home. I have an abundance of patience (for other people’s children) and I like to have fun with them. The photo sessions are a break from my children at home and bring me enjoyment as well.

People often ask photographers, “What is your style?” Well, if I were to answer that question I would have to say FUN & NATURAL! You will never here the words, “Say Cheese!” out of my mouth. My goal is to get a giggle or better yet a full blown belly laugh out of each child. Whether that means me falling over on purpose, cracking silly jokes or having parents break out the tickle claw, those are the faces that I strive for!

My goal as a photographer is simple, catch the memories that you are creating and keep it FUN!

It brings a smile to my face when I have children ask their parents if I can come for pizza or ice cream with them after a session. I’ve had children say this to their moms on the way home, “That was fun, when can we do that again?” Also, when a senior guy tells his mom, “That wasn’t so bad after all; it was actually kind of fun.” I’ve had many little girls be very stubborn at the beginning of the session and then part way through run up to hold my hand as we walked to the next location in the park. Those are the moments when I know I’m doing a good job and make me love my job even more!

For more information please email me at susanm79@hotmail.com or find PICS on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/picsphotography.

  1. Hi Susan,

    I found your website on the GR trip website. My husband and I are expecting our first baby and I’d like to get some newborn photo’s of him shortly after he is born.

  2. Hi Susan,

    I bought 3 sets of personalized name art a couple of years ago and I can not remember how much it is for one name? 7 letters is what I am looking for.

    Thank you,
    Tina Parks

  3. Wondered if in the 75.00 session, and “you get the disc,” if the disc is edited photos? I need to get pictures of my daughter for her 3 month pictures, and would like a studio setting.

  4. Hi, I am wondering where you are located? You sound like a super fun photographer and am trying to find one around our area, which is the Greenville/Rockford area. Thank you so much

  5. Hi Susan,
    I heard about you through Michelle Crawley, who is doing the family photo shoot in Dewitt on September 23. I told her I’d be interested in joining in on that shoot, but then she let me know you are actually located in GR area (which is where I live) and that you may have another session closer to us. I am wondering if you have any similar family photo shoots scheduled around Grand Rapids in the next month or so? We are very interested in outdoor fall pictures, hoping to capture some of the fall color glory! Thanks!

    Tricia Manning

  6. Hi there,

    I was given your name by a mutual friend, Heidi. My husband and daughter and I would love to attend one of your mini sessions and I couldn’t tell if you had any room left in any of them.

    Kelly Wheeler

  7. Jesseca Schrader

    Hi, My Name is Jesseca and I am hoping to hire a photographer to shoot pictures of my niece for her First birthday. I love your children pictures and your disc package is at the price I would like (as we are getting this for her for her birthday). Thanks so much!

  8. I am looking at getting prices for a large family portrait done in the spring. We have approx 22 people.

  9. Hi Susan
    A couple years ago you took family pics for us. We loved them! Our family has grown by one beautiful little girl. Drake is now almost 4 and Julianna is already 18 months. Time is flying by and I want to capture it quickly. What availability do you have on a weekend soon?


  10. Hi Susan,

    You have been highly recommended to me and I love your portfolio that I’ve seen online and on Facebook. I’d love to schedule a photo session for my family of 5. Can you recommend an outdoor location that has trees, maybe a bridge or gazebo, running water (creek or brook) anywhere in the Ada/Cascade/GR area? I’d love it if we could do this sometime in September for a “late summer” look. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,


  11. Hello! Just wondering if you have any more of the GOLF pictures for sale?

  12. Maribeth Hoekstra

    Hi I would like to schedule a session for a family picture and my son’s 1 year pictures. I would like a fall theme. Let me know what you have available on a saturday in the next month aside from the 6th of October, that is my son’s party.

  13. Maggie Franklin

    Hi Susan, LOVE all the photos we see on your website, looking to get my daughters senior pictures taken and wondering if you have any times available in the very near furture? Maggie

  14. heather vanlandingjam

    I had a baby last Wednesday and I got your name from the Schrader family. I am very interested in doing a shoot with my newborn and 4.5 year old very soon. Can u please let me know when the soonest is that I can get this done. I’m in south haven but could travel to grand rapids next week sometime

  15. Hi there, I got your name from my friend, Janet. My family is looking for photos for the holidays. Wondering your availability? Thanks so much!

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