Baby Bumps

Pregnancy is a different experience for every woman and even for each baby. I myself had pretty rough pregnancies, but it is still an amazing experience. It was an experience that I wanted to capture and many others do as well. I suggest around 4 weeks before your due date for maternity photos. If you have a history of early deliveries, we may want to push that to 6 weeks. Congrats and enjoy this time, it will be over before you know it. As always with PICS, “You Get The Digital Files!” with every session.

1 march

2 march
3 march
4 march
5 march
6 march
7 march
8 march
9 march
10 march
11 march
12 march
13 march
14 march
15 march
16 march
17 march
18 march
19 march
20 march
21 march
22 march
23 march
24 march
25 march
26 march
27 march
28 march
29 march
30 march
31 march


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