PICS Print and Canvas Pricing

Yes, my slogan is, “You Get The Disc!” with every session. However, I do encourage my clients to use a professional printer to maintain the color and quality of the photos we’ve captured. Here is a quick list of PICS print prices. There are many, many more size and finishing options, but this just shows some of the basic prints. All prices include a protective coating on the print (prices do not include tax or shipping).

4×6 $4.00
5×7 $6.00
8×10 $8.00
8×10 mounted on styrene $15.00
11×14 $14.00
16×20 mounted on styrene $50.00
Set of 8 wallets $8.00

Canvas prints have quickly become a favorite for many, many people. I have so many displayed in my home because it is such an easy way to make a beautiful statement. My personal preference with a canvas print would be to GO BIG! If you don’t get something large, or put several smaller ones in a grouping, it will get lost on the wall.

Because of the wrapping and quality of the canvas, I place these orders in myself, separate from any print order my clients make on their own. I adjust the crop and make sure the canvas size will fit the photo chosen. I also have them shipped directly to me so I can ensure the quality of the print. After all, it is my business, along with your family, that is being displayed for all to see. Here is a list of PICS canvas pricing (tax and shipping rates may apply).

16×20 $56
16×24 $64
20×20 $68
20×24 $72
24×24 $80
20×30 $80
24×30 $100
24×36 $120
30×40 $150
20×60 $150
32×48 $200

**Other sizes available, please email PICS for a quote at Prices subject to change without notice.
**One thing that makes it difficult to give the disc is not knowing that prints or canvases will be cropped and printed correctly. Here is a guide that I made to help clients understand resizing. Please message me if you have any questions.


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