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Park Fun!

This little cutie is now 18 months! The last time I saw her on her first birthday she wasn’t walking yet. This entire session was a different story. She was chasing ducks, squirming around and having a lot of fun swinging.



18 Month Fun!

I met this little cutie as a newborn and have seen her family many times over the past 18 months. She has such a sweet and easy going personality, just like her parents. This session was a laid back session where we let her just wonder around at the museum. Her parents took her on the carousel, and even though she was a bit unsure, we caught a couple cute shots.


PICS Shocker!

I love it when I shock the parents at our sessions. This family had four adorable girls. I have three girls myself, so I was kind of in my element. At the start of the session they warned me about their “tough cookie” who was “very shy.” Well, within minutes I had her right by my side and hamming it up. The parents were shocked at her comfort level. It made me feel great that it was so easy for her to relax and be comfortable with me.



I titled this session eyes because these children all have amazing eyes! I’ve photographed them several times in the past couple of years and every time I am in awe of their eyes. The boy on the left has such a unique eye because the color is beautiful, but it is then outlined. Love it!! You make beautiful babies Becky!


April Showers in West Michigan!

I just heard on the radio that we’ve gotten more rain in April this year then we have since 1909! It has been crazy. This particular client was hoping for outside pics, but after switching the date a couple of times, we decided the rain just wasn’t going to stop. So, here are our indoor pics. The kids did great and it was a nice session.


Extended Family Gathering Over the Holidays

The grandma here in this photo said to me, “This is the best gift EVER!” That is a wonderful compliment for me, but I definitely have to agree. One of her children got her a gift certificate for family photos when all 6 of her children were in town all the way from Canada and California to Michigan. It was a beautiful snowy morning and I hope they are overjoyed when they receive their discs.


The Last Mini of the Year!!

I have survived the busy season once again and I’m thankful to all of my clients for making it another great year!

Daddy’s Girls!

I was a little weary starting this session when the baby would not even crack a small grin. Then, daddy arrived, and had her smiling in no time!

Sneak Peek from Last Saturday’s Downtown Minis!

Family Fun!

Family photos can often be both a fun and stressful experience at the same time. Sometimes children don’t cooperate and the parents get frustrated. The little boy in this photo was very well behaved, but just didn’t smile much and his mom said he just really isn’t a smiler. Anyway, we got a couple nice grins out of him, one giant smile, and the parents ended up being very please with the pics! Whew, that little guy made me work for it!

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