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Birthday Girl!

This little one was not a fan of the “smash the cake” session. Luckily we got some great shots before and some bubbly fun after!



Smash the Cake Photos!

One year old pics rank up there with some of my favorite sessions! I especially love the smash the cakes. Some of the kids just dive right in, some eat a ton, and some don’t know what to do with it. This sweet girl barely ate a bite, but did get her hands pretty covered!


Happy Birthday Titus!

I might be a little behind on my posts because I had 10 shoots over the weekend. This little guys was so cute though. I had to share a couple of his big smile with his little two teeth sticking out. I will have many more on my Facebook page soon, including from the end of the session where we did SMASH THE CAKE, which I loved, especially with the chocolate frosting!!


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