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Another Adorable Newborn!

Big brother is so stinkin cute and I’m sure this little one will be a ham in front of the camera as well. It’s been fun getting to know this family!



Puddle Jumping Fun!

We have been having so much rain this spring. We started this birthday session inside the studio throwing the football and just getting some amazing smiles. Then we went and did a little puddle jumping and playing at the play ground. What a great session we had!! Happy birthday buddy!


Look Who’s Two!

This is the second time I’ve met this little one and the mom calls her “the serious one who doesn’t smile much.” Well, with those great eyes, they can do the smiling for her!


Another Valentine’s Mini

Dark hair and eyes are a killer combo! This little girl was so adorable and had spunk too. I think her mom might have some trouble with her and the boys someday. 😉


Close Up PICS?

Don’t be scared of getting close for pics, especially if you are photographing children! Their faces are typically flawless and beautiful. This little one was so sweet with her giant and beautiful eyes.


Big Smooch!

Everyone loves to smooch their baby’s cheeks. Why not capture the moment?! The shot on the right is priceless. Soon enough the baby will lose the chub on her cheeks and won’t let her parents do that anymore. Love it, capture it! These moments fly by!


More Apple Orchard PICS!

This family is completely adorable. It was so natural and the “posing” looked comfortable, which is what I love and hope for with every session.


Boys will be Boys!

After seeing the Facebook Sneak Peek, this mom messaged me that she was shocked I got one of her with both boys. The older boy was perfect and the younger one was running all over the orchard. That is something I expect with boys though; I’ve gotta be quick and on my game!


Twins PICS!

This was a fun session for me. I saw these twins several times during their first year of life. Now they are two and still cute as can be. The shot on the left was a repeat of one we did around nine months. I hope the client hangs it side by side with the other one because it’s sweet to see the difference!


Mommy and Me Session

It is fun seeing parents and children interact and have fun together. These two are actually neighbors of mine and the little guy kept wanting me to hold him instead of his mom. It was cute, but obviously not ideal for what we were trying to accomplish. I do think we captured a few precious moments though.


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