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3 Months!

This little guy was 3 months and I just loved his chub! He was a really good baby through almost a full hour and we got some great shots! Nice work little buddy!



3 Month Valentine’s Mini

I met this sweetie a couple months ago when we captured her newborn pics. At three months, she is absolutely adorable just like when she was first born, except now with an amazing smile!


Eyes & Curls

This little 3 month girl was such a little trooper. We changed her outfits and posed her and she did amazing!


Beautiful New Baby and Family

This little three month baby was so adorable. Her mom was just glowing, every time she looked at and held her little one. It was a joy to see.


Mirror, Mirror, on the Floor…

This little 3 month old was so cute. His mom wrote this on her Facebook page after our session, “Well I have learned 2 things from Connor’s first 2 pictures sessions….. he loves to be outside and naked. And really loves the two together….. boy oh boy looks like we have our work cut out for us!” I thought that was so funny that I had to share. I love this mirror shot that turned out great even though he only stayed there for a split second.


Baby Blue Eyes!

Sometimes all you need in a shot are the eyes and with this baby, that was it exactly! His eyes were so stunning. I must say I was in awe because he was the strongest 3 month old I’ve ever met, but I still loved his eyes more than anything else! So pretty, if it is okay to say that for a boy.


Loving this Little Guy’s Hair!

This little guy’s mama always comes with props in toe. From our maternity, newborn and now this 3 month session, she has had several fun ideas. One of the things she wanted to do was to keep his name blocks in all the photos, which I think is a cute idea. It will be fun to see how big he is compared to the blocks on his first birthday!


3 Month Little Sweetie

This little girl was one of my best newborn clients ever. Well, she continued her streak and did really well at this session too.


3 Month Twins Boys

I had these two figured out during the session, but honestly, I have no idea which one is which now. They look SO much alike. I love this little guy tie photo so much and their big eyes are so cute!


3 Months, Sweet Sully

The mama said that this little guys hated tummy time. By the look of the photo on the right, I’d say he doesn’t mind at all. I wish we would have gotten his siblings in some of the shots because he looks exactly like his older sister and brother!


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