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Extended Family Photo Sessions

This is a close family friend of mine. I love the JOY letters on the right and they are going to use that shot for their Christmas card this year. Extended family sessions are with all the cousins and grandparents and then each family separately. I suggest families have them taken at least every 3-5 years. Grandparents love this pics!!



Great Color Combos for PICS!

This sweet family hit the nail on the head with what to wear for their family pics. I personally always suggest color! I think color next to the face brightens cheeks and pops eyes. You’ll see by these pics that they did a wonderful job, especially highlighting their gorgeous eyes! Nice job Emily!


PICS on Facebook

I catch a lot of bloopers during my sessions. I also catch some special moments between families. If you find the Facebook album of this family, the mother’s favorite shot was of her youngest son giving her a kiss. Well, his idea of a kiss was a complete open mouth kiss and I just cracked up when I saw it. She told me later she was so glad I got the shot because he already kisses like a big boy now and she wanted to remember that moment. It was funny and super sweet at the same time. See the album on Facebook at


Vintage Family Session

I love it when clients have a style and location preference. This family knew what they wanted and where they wanted it. My antique chair fit perfectly with this urban location. What an adorable family!


Casual Lifestyle Family Photos

I like some “posed” photos, like the one on the right. But, I also really love the casually “posed” arrangement as well. I love having the parents together and then letting the children do their own thing. Obviously the older daughter was enjoying her freedom with her ballet type stance and the little guy was just running back and forth and lifting his shirt up and down showing me his belly. It was really funny! It is a sweet memory though for the parents to see the true age and personality of their children.


Three Generations!

My clients know that I never push any of my services or packages, but I do feel that extended family sessions are very important ever couple of years. The shot on the left is grandma with her daugher and granddaughter. I bet she will cherish that one forever!


Sibling Playing for their PICS

There is nothing better than a natural photo that was captured with siblings interacting and playing with one another. These two were just that. The little brother was so taken with every move his big sister made. It was so fun to watch his laughter and excitement. They were an absolutely adorable pair!


Three is a Charm!

These three girls were so adorable. They had beautiful eyes and great, large smiles! They had their princess dresses on and were excited about the pics (at least the oldest one was). 😉


More Lake Shore PICS!

I had balloons set up for this family. I had them tied to a frame and then under my bag of props. The next minute I turned around and they were gone. I was so bummed. The local store didn’t have weights for the bottom. I will definitely know for next time that it will never work without a weight. We got some cute family ones anyway. I love the smooshy face kisses!


Beautiful Beach, Clients & Colors!

This family got it right. I love the color pallet that they choose! Aren’t they are adorable little kids!


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