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Welcome to the World Kendall!

I must admit, besides senior girls, newborns are probably my favorite sessions. They can be frustrating, exhausting, and a test of my patience, but the results are always so amazing. This particular baby was actually a very easy “model” because she slept when she was suppose to and didn’t mind me moving her around. The shot on the left, with her big brother, is probably one of my favorites all time. His face is just so sweet as he’s cuddling his new sister. I love it!!



The Last Mini of the Year!!

I have survived the busy season once again and I’m thankful to all of my clients for making it another great year!

Sneak Peek from Last Saturday’s Downtown Minis!

Friend of a Friend

When a very close friend refers a client to me, there is a little extra pressure. What if they aren’t happy and tell my friend or feel uncomfortable with the person who referred them afterwards. I’ve gotten to a point in my career where I’m pretty confident with my job and my clients and luckily, to my knowledge, that has never happened with a client being unhappy. This family was a referral from my best friend and they were really happy with their pics, which makes me happy as well! I love referrals; they are what make my business thrive! Thank you Gina for sending this adorable family my way!

Look at These Adorable Toe Heads!

It always amazes me how blond some little kids are and that many of them turn brown as they get older. I actually have a blondie and my husband and I are both very dark brown; I guess we’ll have to wait and see if she keeps the golden locks or grows out of them. Aren’t these two girls so cute with that light hair and complexion!

It’s Mini Time!

Fall is PICS busiest time of year and as much as I value keeping up with my posts, I do not have time to post a separate post after every session. So, here is a quick summary from the apple orchard minis.

“Family Pictures are Really Important to Us!”

Last weekend I was rained out and had 13 shoots to reschedule. With all the madness trying to work with each different schedule to find what works, this mom said something that stuck with me. She said, “We really appreciate you being flexible because family pictures are really important to us.” It’s statements like those that make me glad I do what I do.

PICS with One of my Besties!

When I have friends/clients that have their pics done several times, it is great because I start to know the style of the family more and more. This friend of mine loves the natural “unposed” looking pose. These are a couple cute ones, but there were many more because they are just gorgeous people!

A Windy Day Makes for a Hilarious Photo!

All I am going to say about this one is, the left is a pretty normal and adorable shot, and the right happened when a big gust caught the twins hair! I love the outtake almost as much, maybe even more, than the standard shot. How could you not smile and laugh at that?!

PICS Under Pressure!

For this session, I felt a little extra pressure. Why? The client was a photographer! She said she used to do wedding photography for a long time. So, that made me feel like I really had to get it right because a photographer is always a little more critical on posing and locations (at least I know I am). Well, in the end, I think they turned out great. The client feedback was also very positive, so that was a relief!

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