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What a Sweet Pair!

These two have come a long way over the years. I still remember, just last year, when the little boy would not let go of his stuffed (and well loved) puppy. This session they were playing and having a good time with me!



Extended Family Photo Sessions

This is a close family friend of mine. I love the JOY letters on the right and they are going to use that shot for their Christmas card this year. Extended family sessions are with all the cousins and grandparents and then each family separately. I suggest families have them taken at least every 3-5 years. Grandparents love this pics!!


Fall Family Fun

I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful family for the first time. We had a great session and ALL of the children did amazing!


Girl Time!

I have three girls; so when I shoot families who also have three girls I feel very comfortable. I met these three in the spring and we had another great session on this beautiful fall day.


Family Posing Tips!

Traditional photos and posing are fine, but I love to get close! I love the squeezy cheeks and the cuddling shots. I love the natural smile from the dad in the shot on the right. What a nice looking family! For tips on what to wear, make sure you check the tab on the home page under Portfolio.


New Lake Shore Client

I love new clients, especially when they chose the amazing setting of Lake Michigan! This family was super adorable. The younger boy was really shy and took a little while to warm up, but I think in the end the pics turned out really special for this family.


Boys on the Lake Shore

I love the small grin in the shot on the left. I have a special place in my heart for freckles since my entire family has them. They are all so cute!


Park, Playground, and Ice Cream!

This was a child’s dream for a photo session. We started at the park where they were even allowed to play for some pics! 😉 I always feel like I’m torturing kids when we go to a park with a playground and don’t let them play. Then we went to get ice cream. Check out Facebook for more pics from this session, including some of the adorable ice cream ones.


Extended Family Sessions

Have you ever had an extended family session, with all the cousins and grandma and grandpa? If not, you should! I suggest them every 2-4 years or as new babies are added to the family. These are important photos not only for the grandparents, but for the grandchildren to cherish as they get older. I ended this session by thanking the mom who scheduled it. I said, “Hey, thanks for keeping my card since I haven’t seen you in about 2 years.” She said, “Oh, everyone knows you anyway, don’t worry.” That was very flattering to know that people around town know me for my work! Thanks for the compliment Jill!


This Family Warmed My Heart!

After about two minutes into the session I suggested that they sit in the grass. A couple of the kids groaned and said, “NO!” I then said, “Okay, let’s do something else.” and we moved on. The mother turned to me and said, “You are much better than our other photographer!” I was surprised and said, “Why?” She said, “Because you didn’t make them do what you wanted.” Well, starting a session fighting with kids is never a great idea. Then, towards the end of the session, the oldest child said, “I bet these pictures are going to turn out really nice!” It was so cute hearing it from a kid and especially from a boy! It was a heart warming session with this adorable and sweet family!


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