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6 Month Twins!

Twins are like wildcards. They can both be amazing, or maybe one will, or maybe neither will cooperate. Well, I hit the jackpot with these two! They were amazing the whole time and we captured so many fantastic shots. I hope to see them soon, especially for a double smash the cake birthday session, that would be fun!



Families with Boys Need Fun Sessions!

Fun is the key to a successful session with boys. Flying high and playing chase are two things boys always seem to enjoy. They don’t even realize they are having their photos taken.


6 Months & Gorgeous Eyes!

This little girl was super sweet. Her eyes were completely stunning! What a great spring session with great weather.


6 Month Sweetie with her Grandparents

Grandparents are so important to my family that I love seeing other families engaging and doing photos with several generations. The joy on the grandparent’s faces almost trumps the smile on the little baby’s face. It is a photo that I hope will be cherished for many years to come.


6 Month Curly Top

I love curly hair on babies! Two of my babies had it and I think it is so cute. This little one is so adorable and did amazing through all of her (maybe 5) outfit changes.


Family Photos at a Greenhouse

I was so excited, when one of my best friends from childhood, contacted me about taking their family photos. Her parents own greenhouses, so this location was a no-brainer because it has been apart of her life forever. It was really a great session and they are such a great looking family!


Life Full Circle

It’s always fun when, as a photographer, I am allowed to share several special moments in a couple’s life. I photographed this couple for their wedding a couple years ago and now they are back with this little guy who is six months old. So fun!


6 Month Abby

We tried this pom pom hat at her three month session and she wouldn’t keep it on. Mom bought it and loved it, so we tried again this session. She kept it on and I think she looks really cute with those puffs as big as her head. Don’t worry Abby, it won’t fit you for anymore sessions.


Three is a Charm!

These three girls were so adorable. They had beautiful eyes and great, large smiles! They had their princess dresses on and were excited about the pics (at least the oldest one was). 😉


Twins & Wind for the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

When I saw the category was wind, I didn’t think I had anything to enter. Then I remembered these little twins and how windy this day was. We received so much feedback on this photo with everyone cracking up! Some people may have deleted it, but it still makes me smile every time I see it!


Photo Challenge Submission

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