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Valentine’s Day Mini

With Valentine’s around the corner, I decided to hold a mini session for some of these adorable kids! Love it!



Love my Faithful Clients!

I love seeing the same clients several times a year. This family is so photogenic and the mom is also slightly obsessed with Pinterest. So, I knew she’d have a few posing suggestions, like the super sweet shot on the left. Love it!


Girls, Girls, Girls!

I have three girls and love girls! I find myself so comfortable with sessions with all girls. I love how these three all look different. Man they are so adorable!!


Boys will be Boys!

After seeing the Facebook Sneak Peek, this mom messaged me that she was shocked I got one of her with both boys. The older boy was perfect and the younger one was running all over the orchard. That is something I expect with boys though; I’ve gotta be quick and on my game!


PICS Sunset Session!

I’m really glad we had such a beautiful night for pics. In the spring this family was last (in hopes for a beautiful sunset) and was rained out. This night was absolutely perfect. Now you’ll see why everyone loves Lake Michigan. It is absolutely beautiful.


PICS Photojournalism Style

This mama told me she wanted the pics all casual and all having fun. Besides the fact that they are so stinkin’ cute, they are so photogenic! I hope the mama is pleased because there wasn’t really a bad shot in the bunch.


More Lake Shore PICS!

Photographing friends is fun, but also adds a little bit of pressure. This family is so cute though that I knew I’d nail the pics! How adorable is the little boy?! I can’t get over his sweet smile. He was probably one of the most cooperative 3 year olds that I’ve ever worked with! Thanks again Annie for allowing me to capture these moments for your family!


Boys on the Lake Shore

I love the small grin in the shot on the left. I have a special place in my heart for freckles since my entire family has them. They are all so cute!


Vintage Family Session

I love it when clients have a style and location preference. This family knew what they wanted and where they wanted it. My antique chair fit perfectly with this urban location. What an adorable family!


Extended Family Sessions

Have you ever had an extended family session, with all the cousins and grandma and grandpa? If not, you should! I suggest them every 2-4 years or as new babies are added to the family. These are important photos not only for the grandparents, but for the grandchildren to cherish as they get older. I ended this session by thanking the mom who scheduled it. I said, “Hey, thanks for keeping my card since I haven’t seen you in about 2 years.” She said, “Oh, everyone knows you anyway, don’t worry.” That was very flattering to know that people around town know me for my work! Thanks for the compliment Jill!


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