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Let’s Play Ball!

What could make a 9 month old boy happier than a wagon and a couple baseballs? Nothing! He had fun at this session and so did I! To see some shots of the Cheerio pics, see PICS Facebook page at



Happy New Year!

After taking a couple weeks off over Christmas, I’m getting back into the regular posts. I had fun with this adorable 9 month session with these beautiful eyes.


9 Month PICS

I was chatting with her parents about her one year session. Mom and dad said she would definitely be walking because here at her nine month session she was doing a lot of standing. We’ll see. She is so adorable though. Sometimes I just love the sober face like the shot on the right.


Cuteness Alert! 9 Month Buns!

This little guy is so adorable. I’ve been capturing his pics since he was born. Since our last session the parents found out he was allergic to everything. Major changes have been made to his diet; his skin has now vastly improved and he is a happy little guy. It is so nice to see him smile!

Go Tigers!

This family loves the Detroit Tigers. This little one was 9 months and cute as can be. Her face is so smooth and flawless that she looks like a little doll. She’s beautiful!


Extended Family Time!

This family had a very exciting two weeks. One set of grandparents flew in for a week and then the other was staying for the next week. They overlapped for a fun weekend where we were able to capture these priceless shots. Extended family photos are so important. I think families should make a point of getting them done at least every 5 years!



This older boy was enjoying his adventure at the park. He was running (away), climbing, finding sticks, and exploring everything he could. In other words, I had to catch him in the act of cuteness. Doesn’t he have outstanding blue eyes! His 9 month old little brother was pretty cute and full of smiles; what a cute pair.


The Last Mini of the Year!!

I have survived the busy season once again and I’m thankful to all of my clients for making it another great year!

Sneak Peek from Last Saturday’s Downtown Minis!

Quick Recap of Last Saturday’s Minis

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