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6 Month Sweetie with her Grandparents

Grandparents are so important to my family that I love seeing other families engaging and doing photos with several generations. The joy on the grandparent’s faces almost trumps the smile on the little baby’s face. It is a photo that I hope will be cherished for many years to come.



Another Fun First Birthday!

I’ve seen this little one five times this year. I’ve enjoyed seeing him grow and seeing his little personality develop. The sibling relationship has also been sweet. The mother has always been very creative with each session. I loved the birthday board she made; it was so cute!


A Little Bit Country with this Sweet Girl!

I love country music, cowboy boots, and hats! So, when this mama told me she was a country girl, I was excited. I asked her to get some things out so I could use them in the pics. I like adding personal touches even with newborn pics. This cowboy hat one has got to be one of my favorites.


Smash the Cake Photos!

One year old pics rank up there with some of my favorite sessions! I especially love the smash the cakes. Some of the kids just dive right in, some eat a ton, and some don’t know what to do with it. This sweet girl barely ate a bite, but did get her hands pretty covered!


PICS Shocker!

I love it when I shock the parents at our sessions. This family had four adorable girls. I have three girls myself, so I was kind of in my element. At the start of the session they warned me about their “tough cookie” who was “very shy.” Well, within minutes I had her right by my side and hamming it up. The parents were shocked at her comfort level. It made me feel great that it was so easy for her to relax and be comfortable with me.


Twins and their 1 Year Old Sister

Being a photographer is such a fun job. I am able to see babies turn into big kids and see them interact with their siblings. This little family is so cute with the big brother twins and their little sister. I’m sure pics will get more fun with this family the older they get.


What to Wear for Family Photos

I love it when families feel comfortable enough with me to ask for styling advice for their sessions. This family is very near and dear to my heart and I actually went shopping with the mother to find these outfits. We started with the mom’s shirt and the daughter’s dress and built the boy’s outfits around those. I love how it all came together with solids, prints and layers. I think this is a beautiful color palette for fall!


Family Posing Tips!

Traditional photos and posing are fine, but I love to get close! I love the squeezy cheeks and the cuddling shots. I love the natural smile from the dad in the shot on the right. What a nice looking family! For tips on what to wear, make sure you check the tab on the home page under Portfolio.


Life Full Circle

It’s always fun when, as a photographer, I am allowed to share several special moments in a couple’s life. I photographed this couple for their wedding a couple years ago and now they are back with this little guy who is six months old. So fun!


Welcome Sweet Baby, Jordan

Newborn sessions admittedly are some of my favorite sessions. I love the results and the preciousness of the photos that can never be duplicated and will be shared and saved forever! I love baby’s first grin that we caught here too.


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