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Stunning Family PICS!

This family can be described in one word, stunning! Each of the girls has their own perfect smile that is different from the other and the parents are just beautiful as well. I’m not sure how they are going to pick favorites from this session!



More Apple Orchard PICS

This family was super sweet and the boys were such troupers with their pics. They were amazing! Thank you guys! Hope to see you in a couple months with your new baby!


Close Up PICS?

Don’t be scared of getting close for pics, especially if you are photographing children! Their faces are typically flawless and beautiful. This little one was so sweet with her giant and beautiful eyes.


Love my Faithful Clients!

I love seeing the same clients several times a year. This family is so photogenic and the mom is also slightly obsessed with Pinterest. So, I knew she’d have a few posing suggestions, like the super sweet shot on the left. Love it!


Big Smooch!

Everyone loves to smooch their baby’s cheeks. Why not capture the moment?! The shot on the right is priceless. Soon enough the baby will lose the chub on her cheeks and won’t let her parents do that anymore. Love it, capture it! These moments fly by!


Girls, Girls, Girls!

I have three girls and love girls! I find myself so comfortable with sessions with all girls. I love how these three all look different. Man they are so adorable!!


Great Color Combos for PICS!

This sweet family hit the nail on the head with what to wear for their family pics. I personally always suggest color! I think color next to the face brightens cheeks and pops eyes. You’ll see by these pics that they did a wonderful job, especially highlighting their gorgeous eyes! Nice job Emily!


Cute Baby Hair Styles

If you are a mother of girls, you will know that the days of wearing double ponytails are numbered. I think it is so adorable and am sad when girls get “too old” to wear them. How adorable is this little family and this little girl’s hair?!


PICS Fall Mini Sessions Have Begun!

This was my first family, to start off a wonderful day of minis, with perfect weather. Man they are cute and I love, love, LOVE blue in photos!


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