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Another Birthday Girl!

This little one was unlike any that I’ve ever seen. She was the most intense “smash the cake” eater that I’ve ever met. She didn’t do a ton of smiling because she was too focused. She was actually eating the cake. Lots of kids smash it and play with the frosting between her fingers, but not this one, she ATE it and a LOT of it!



Happy Birthday Penny!

This little one was all smiles for her first birthday session. It was a lot of fun working with her. Hope you had a great time at your big birthday bash that your mom threw for you, Penny. 😉


Birthday Girl!

This little one was not a fan of the “smash the cake” session. Luckily we got some great shots before and some bubbly fun after!


Happy Birthday Jacob!

It’s no secret that newborns and first birthdays are probably my favorite two sessions. I especially love smash the cake sessions. This little guy was full of smiles the entire time and couldn’t have made my job easier. His mom brought his outfit and a few other things from his party. It was such a cute display.


Another Fun First Birthday!

I’ve seen this little one five times this year. I’ve enjoyed seeing him grow and seeing his little personality develop. The sibling relationship has also been sweet. The mother has always been very creative with each session. I loved the birthday board she made; it was so cute!


Spring Birthday Session

Here in Michigan, we’ve had the longest winter and most snowfall in history. It has really put my spring outdoor sessions on hold. This was my first outdoor session in a long time and it felt great! I love outside photos, going to different locations and simply just the fresh air. This was a first birthday session; Dr. Seuss was his theme. I’ve had a fun first year with this happy little guy. Happy birthday Connor!


Smash the Cake Photos!

One year old pics rank up there with some of my favorite sessions! I especially love the smash the cakes. Some of the kids just dive right in, some eat a ton, and some don’t know what to do with it. This sweet girl barely ate a bite, but did get her hands pretty covered!


Another Smash the Cake Session!

So, part way through this session the mother said, “This is a disaster!” My response was this, “It would be a disaster if she was crying, but she’s not.” Basically, she was very sober most of the time. However, we ended up getting a lot of good shots. Here was what the mom said on Facebook after she received her disc, “I am shocked we got so many good ones!” I love that kind of ending to a session. It just shows all our hard work and acting ridiculous to get smiles paid off!


Isaac Turns One!

This little guy was all smiles. I love the babies who have the huge, open mouth smile. My girls all had it too. Mama had to get one with all of her babies (the shot on the right with the three pups). Isaac was a good sport and loved the dogs, even with their tails in his face.


Look Who Turned One!!

I love my job. Having the opportunity to watch all these little babies grow up and capture the moments along the way is so fun. I still remember my first session with this baby and now she is one and getting to be a big girl already. Happy birthday sweetie!


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