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Welcome to the World Layrn!

We did some big sister shots, family shots, and lots of the new baby. This was a great session and both of the girls did amazing. It was so wonderful meeting you all and I look forward to more sessions with sweet Layrn.


Cutie + Cake + Bubble Bath = Happy Birthday Little Miss Molly!

It has been fun capturing Molly’s pics through her first year. I must admit, she has been one of my easier clients to work with. Her newborn session was unlike any other. We were able to get through all of my props and changes without waking her even a little bit. Now at a year old, she is still pretty cooperative. She didn’t really like the cake, but the rocking chair and the tub of bubbles were a hit with her! Happy birthday sweet and adorable girl!

The Twins Turn One!

I knew after their 9 month session that these two would be on the move for our one year session. We went to a park with a little splash pad and the little girl did amazing, but the boy was not very interested in the photo ops until we showed him the splash pad. He was so cute and I was able to capture his excitement! Here are a few from the session, but there are more on my Facebook page at

Overhead Angle & Ground Level Shots!

I love having children peek up at me in the sky. They are just so precious and I almost always get a wonderful smile like this shot on the left. The other one is a very basic technique, but a lot of people shooting for fun don’t do this; it is as simple as getting down on their level. I was laying on the ground right in front of her to get this shot on the right and it turned out super cute!

Happy Birthday Taryn and Brooke!

Gift certificates are such a great gift. This client asked for a gift card for Christmas because their girls have birthdays a couple weeks apart and they knew they would want another session. With the grandparents out of town (that is who purchased the gift) they will love it too because they can enjoy the updated photos as well. Aren’t these two adorable?! The little one’s blond hair with those bright blue eyes are amazing!

How Cute Are These Two?!

These two were completely adorable and their outfits to match! Their bright blue eyes were amazing with the background of the blue sky and water. To see the pics closer up, feel free to click on them and zoom in. Please contact me if f you’d like to schedule your session where, “You Get The Disc!”

Ballerinas and Pirates ~ Let’s Play Dress Up!

When this client emailed me and asked for a ballerina and pirate session, I wasn’t really sure what to think. I actually asked her if she wanted to bring regular clothes as well and she said no. It isn’t Halloween; but we all know that kids love dressing up. After last night, I think a dress up session is wonderful any time of year. These girls had so much fun and their photos really showed it!

Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Since my shoots were rained out this past weekend, I started thinking about Mother’s Day. What are you getting for your mom for Mother’s Day? I just heard on the radio this morning that the number one gift idea is a trip to the spa. I would definitely agree with that because who doesn’t love being pampered! I would guess a close second might be photos or a photo session with mom and her kiddos or grandma and her grandchildren. These two shots below are of me with my baby on her first birthday. I am rarely in photos because I’m always behind the lens; so, I cherish the ones I am in more than anything! Gift certificates are always available!

Happy 1st Birthday Dyllan!!

What is so great about being a photographer is anyone could be a potential client, even months or years later. I met this mother about 18 months ago when we were both pregnant. She was due about a week before me. I ended up beating her to the punch by a few days and we met again at this milestone for both of our babies. He was a sober little guy, but we stole a few precious grins out of him.

Happy Birthday to my Baby, Paisley!!

The biggest secret that I ever kept was when I knew I was having a baby girl, but my husband did not know the gender! He thought I was horrible at keeping secrets until I kept this one. I had everything planned, from her name to her furniture and bedding. I was so excited to have my third baby girl! She has been such a blessing to me over the past year. Today is her birthday and when I was thinking of all of her favorite things here is what came to mind. She loves her mama (I gotta put that in there), the phone and pretending to call dada, dancing, playing with balls, whispering “hi” to everyone, and she loves Cheerios! So, I thought this would be the perfect set up for her birthday session! What do you think? I’m bias, but isn’t she adorable!

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