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Extended Family Session

I just saw this family last year for an extended family session and I had the privelidge of seeing them again this year. They had a couple of additions since last year and grandma loved the pics so they decided to do it again.



6 Month Sweetie with her Grandparents

Grandparents are so important to my family that I love seeing other families engaging and doing photos with several generations. The joy on the grandparent’s faces almost trumps the smile on the little baby’s face. It is a photo that I hope will be cherished for many years to come.


Extended Family Photo Sessions

This is a close family friend of mine. I love the JOY letters on the right and they are going to use that shot for their Christmas card this year. Extended family sessions are with all the cousins and grandparents and then each family separately. I suggest families have them taken at least every 3-5 years. Grandparents love this pics!!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This grandma was given a PICS gift card for Mother’s Day this year. It was for an extended family photo session with her children and grandchildren. What a great gift idea! She was tickled and had a great time during our session. What a lovely family she has!


Challenging Extended Family Sessions

It only makes sense that the more people in a photo, the more challenging it can be. Well, this extended family group had LOTS of children. Just one of the families had five boys on their own! With a lot of energy, a lot of grown ups acting goofy (including me), we were able to capture some amazing shots of the whole group. I hope grandma and grandpa cherish these forever!


Extended Family Session with PICS

Extended families sessions can be a great encouragement to young couples. It is great to see grandparents that have been together for 40 years. They have to just put a smile on your face.


Extended Family, 4 Generations!

It doesn’t happen that frequently anymore that couples celebrate their 60th anniversary! This couple was doing just that with their children, grand children, and great grand children. What a wonderful moment to capture.


59 Years and Counting!

Anyone else think old people are adorable? This lovely couple has been married 59 years. One of the granddaughters set up this family session with all four generations! What a wonderful gift for her grandmother.


Extended Family Sessions

Have you ever had an extended family session, with all the cousins and grandma and grandpa? If not, you should! I suggest them every 2-4 years or as new babies are added to the family. These are important photos not only for the grandparents, but for the grandchildren to cherish as they get older. I ended this session by thanking the mom who scheduled it. I said, “Hey, thanks for keeping my card since I haven’t seen you in about 2 years.” She said, “Oh, everyone knows you anyway, don’t worry.” That was very flattering to know that people around town know me for my work! Thanks for the compliment Jill!


Three Generations!

My clients know that I never push any of my services or packages, but I do feel that extended family sessions are very important ever couple of years. The shot on the left is grandma with her daugher and granddaughter. I bet she will cherish that one forever!


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