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6 Month Sweetie with her Grandparents

Grandparents are so important to my family that I love seeing other families engaging and doing photos with several generations. The joy on the grandparent’s faces almost trumps the smile on the little baby’s face. It is a photo that I hope will be cherished for many years to come.



6 Month Curly Top

I love curly hair on babies! Two of my babies had it and I think it is so cute. This little one is so adorable and did amazing through all of her (maybe 5) outfit changes.


Another Fun First Birthday!

I’ve seen this little one five times this year. I’ve enjoyed seeing him grow and seeing his little personality develop. The sibling relationship has also been sweet. The mother has always been very creative with each session. I loved the birthday board she made; it was so cute!


Spring Birthday Session

Here in Michigan, we’ve had the longest winter and most snowfall in history. It has really put my spring outdoor sessions on hold. This was my first outdoor session in a long time and it felt great! I love outside photos, going to different locations and simply just the fresh air. This was a first birthday session; Dr. Seuss was his theme. I’ve had a fun first year with this happy little guy. Happy birthday Connor!


Family Photos at a Greenhouse

I was so excited, when one of my best friends from childhood, contacted me about taking their family photos. Her parents own greenhouses, so this location was a no-brainer because it has been apart of her life forever. It was really a great session and they are such a great looking family!


Beautiful Maternity Mama and Adorable Big Sister To Be

We did a few Easter pics, family pics and then these lovely maternity pics. I love it when the older sibling is so endearing to the belly, even though they are too young to know, that their only child world is about to get rocked! 😉


Easter Mini

It’s fun seeing the same clients several times a year. This was my first Easter mini and the girls had fun with the eggs and bunny ears.


Military Newborn Photos

Even though I have shot SO many newborn sessions, this was my first time with a newborn military baby session. I was excited about all of the fun things we could do. It was a boy, so it made it even more fun. Make sure to check PICS Facebook page for more of the images from this session.


Welcome to the World Sweet Baby!

For a first time mom, I was surprised at how laid back this session was. The mom basically let me do anything I wanted with him. It was really fun. He did great! Congrats on your new bundle; it was so nice to meet you both!


Twin Newbies

You never know what to expect with newborn session, especially newborn twins! We had a little bit of back and forth with the sleeping and being awake, but all in all it was a great session with some great shots! I love the double stack in daddy’s arms!


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