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Professional Head Shots

This pastor and his lovely wife needed updated head shots for their website and other marketing materials. What a wonderful couple and fun too. I bet their congregation enjoys their services!



PICS Valentine’s Mini Sessions!

Need a Valentine’s Day gift idea? How about a hot head shot for your special someone. Try something new and I bet he’ll like it! Rate is $35 including the disc; please message me for availability.

I know self portraits are not exciting for most. Don’t be shy, this will be quick, painless, and with beautiful results!


Need a Head Shot?

Head shots can be the first sign of professionalism or not. Whether they are on LinkedIn, a webpage, sign or business card, there is no replacement for a professional head shot. Here are a couple favorites from a session with a local Realtor. The most important part of the head shot is the angle. Never shoot straight on; it is not flattering for anyone.

A Different Take on Website PICS

This company called me regarding head shots for their website. When they called, they also said they wanted something “different.” We did a set of casual head shots and then, in came the dogs! I must admit, I’m not a huge pet person and of course, all of these dogs were BIG! I was hoping for a few chihuahuas or something, but no luck. Anyway, I think the pics turned out really fun and they will look great on their new website, which will be rolling out soon.

Corporate Head Shots

What have I been up to lately? Well, quite a bit of traveling, all around Michigan, to take over 40 head shots for a large bank. Head shots are a nice break compared to my “typical” client. Taking three photos per person, having them turn and look at me when I ask, is somewhat refreshing. Does your office need head shots for just $50 per person? Contact me for scheduling, thanks so much and happy Monday!

“At Ten It’s News, At Eleven It’s History”

This was unlike any other photo session I have had. It was a black and white themed birthday party for two local news anchors. What was fun about the party was how many people I did a double take on because I thought I “knew” them. Well, I may not have known them personally, but I’ve watched them on tv daily for a long time. Happy birthday Janice and Jason from a loyal Fox 17 News watcher.

Family Crossroads

Today I had the opportunity to take photos of board members for a non-profit, who is in the process of creating their website. I encourage you to look them up on Facebook and like their page. Here is a little summary of their cause. “Family Crossroads is a newly formed west Michigan non-profit striving to give kids with autism and other communication challenges the gift of being heard. We are doing this by providing technology (iPad 2’s to be used for supported typing) and education/training for the parents and teachers of these wonderful children.”

Do You Love Yourself?

I had the opportunity to photograph this session with a fitness model. I have to admit, it made me rethink my exercise regimen (or lack there of). She has a very interesting blog called, “Love Yourself Naked.” Here is a little bit of her story, but I encourage you to visit her website and follow her on Facebook, and

“Love Yourself Naked is a community designed for people who love wellness. How do you treat yourself to get the best body both physically and mentally? No more hiding behind excuses and bad habits! We have one life to live and one body to live it in. My goal is to help people to learn to love themselves uncovered and unhidden. EVERYBODY deserves to love themselves naked!”

Photoshop is My Best Friend!

Abby’s Head Shot

Profile photos are becoming a necessity for men and women who own their own businesses and manage their own websites. This is Abby, designer/owner of A Delightful Design. I had the privilege of shooting her adorable family last fall. This profile shot for her website was taken on a rare, 50 degree day, we had here in Michigan today. Below is a profile pic and a shot from our fall session of her adorable family. Be sure to check out her website at

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