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A Beautiful Senior Portrait Session

I’m not shy to admit that my favorite sessions are newborns and senior girls. I just love the moments captured that will be treasured forever. Newborns never look the same, even a couple weeks later, and seniors often won’t have photos done again until their wedding day. This girl was so photogenic and I loved this session. Even though the lake shore was gray and super foggy, the pics turned out amazing. You’re beautiful Elena!



More on the Lake Shore

There is nothing better in west Michigan than our beautiful lake shore. This is a family that I’ve worked with for many years. We did some pics inland and then went out to the lake shore for another set. Thanks, it was another great session Stoufer’s!


Lake Shore Extended Family Session

Extended family sessions can be a challenge to photograph, but even more so a challenged to coordinate with all of the families. These families were meeting at the lake shore from all over Michigan to have a fun family day. The forecast didn’t look great and the skies looked even worse on my drive out. Well, we hustled through the pics with just a mist of rain here and there and as I was driving home it started pouring. Thank you Lord for providing great weather for this family. I know they were praying for it!


Birthday Girl!

This little one was not a fan of the “smash the cake” session. Luckily we got some great shots before and some bubbly fun after!


Lake Michigan Photos!

Because of how many there are, I’ve decided to only put up two pics from each of the mini sessions. If you’d like to see more, head over to my Facebook page at










Here Come the Lake Shore Minis!

I love minis because I can get a bunch of sessions all in one night. This night the weather was questionable, but I decided to go for it. Well, I got the first seven families in and the last two were rained out. Oh well, the ones that made it were great!


J Crew Model?

It’s awesome when you can catch a candid that is just amazing. I think this photo on the left is just that. It may not be the parents favorite shot, I don’t know, but it looks like it could go in a magazine or clothing ad. I think she looks like a little J Crew model or something. I think it is so pretty!


Sunset PICS

I schedule my minis by backing out from the time of the sunset. I always love my last session because the sky is so pretty with the sun behind. This night was not a let down, isn’t it beautiful.


More Lake Shore PICS!

I had balloons set up for this family. I had them tied to a frame and then under my bag of props. The next minute I turned around and they were gone. I was so bummed. The local store didn’t have weights for the bottom. I will definitely know for next time that it will never work without a weight. We got some cute family ones anyway. I love the smooshy face kisses!


Beautiful Beach, Clients & Colors!

This family got it right. I love the color pallet that they choose! Aren’t they are adorable little kids!


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