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Maternity PICS

Sometimes I just laugh (in my head) at the parents during the sessions. This mama thought her daughter was doing so terrible and I kept assuring her that she was fine and I was getting some good shots. I loved the email I received after the session saying this, “Susan, I got the cd with all the pics and the photos are great! You did an awesome job!” I’m glad they were happy and I’ll see them soon when their new bundle arrives!



Maternity Silhouette Photos

I love silhouette photos. I think this lovely mama (amazingly in her third trimester!) just looks stunning. Do you love silhouettes as well?


Beautiful Maternity Mama and Adorable Big Sister To Be

We did a few Easter pics, family pics and then these lovely maternity pics. I love it when the older sibling is so endearing to the belly, even though they are too young to know, that their only child world is about to get rocked! 😉


Bun in the Oven

This was a special session because for their first child the father was off in the military. So, this is their first maternity session together and will be their first birth and newborn experience together. Thank you so much for your service and enjoy this special time together!


Maternity Session with Twins!

Some women are afraid of maternity photos and some really embrace them. I showed this couple a handful of photos when we first met to see what they liked and didn’t like. They were both natural in front of the camera and we had a really fun session. To see more from this session, check the maternity portfolio.

19 march

She’s Here!

Less than 2 weeks ago I had a maternity session with a couple who were past their due date with their first child. Now, I just had the pleasure of meeting their new baby girl, Lillian. She did excellent during her session and slept the majority of the time. The shot on the right was taken at the very end of the session, after she woke up. I love how alert her eyes are and I think that one is so sweet.


A Maternity Session Fully Baked?

This was a first for me. I shot a maternity session the day AFTER the due date. That being said, doesn’t she look amazing! We were hiking all around this park and climbing hills in the snow. I was a little worried I was going to send her into labor, but she was so hilarious and kept saying she was fine. What a fun session this was! I’m sure I’ll have a newborn post with them within a couple weeks.


Just Another Sweet Newborn!

This little one was a perfect little baby! She was fed a couple of times during the session, but then dozed off and let me move her around and switch up props. She’s so cute with that tiny little newborn grin!


Sneak Peek from Last Saturday’s Downtown Minis!

Crystal & Marshall’s Maternity Session

Just a few more weeks to go for these soon to be parents!

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