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Great Color Combos for PICS!

This sweet family hit the nail on the head with what to wear for their family pics. I personally always suggest color! I think color next to the face brightens cheeks and pops eyes. You’ll see by these pics that they did a wonderful job, especially highlighting their gorgeous eyes! Nice job Emily!



More Apple Orchard PICS!

This family is completely adorable. It was so natural and the “posing” looked comfortable, which is what I love and hope for with every session.


Boys will be Boys!

After seeing the Facebook Sneak Peek, this mom messaged me that she was shocked I got one of her with both boys. The older boy was perfect and the younger one was running all over the orchard. That is something I expect with boys though; I’ve gotta be quick and on my game!


Cute Baby Hair Styles

If you are a mother of girls, you will know that the days of wearing double ponytails are numbered. I think it is so adorable and am sad when girls get “too old” to wear them. How adorable is this little family and this little girl’s hair?!


PICS Fall Mini Sessions Have Begun!

This was my first family, to start off a wonderful day of minis, with perfect weather. Man they are cute and I love, love, LOVE blue in photos!


PICS Sunset Session!

I’m really glad we had such a beautiful night for pics. In the spring this family was last (in hopes for a beautiful sunset) and was rained out. This night was absolutely perfect. Now you’ll see why everyone loves Lake Michigan. It is absolutely beautiful.


PICS Photojournalism Style

This mama told me she wanted the pics all casual and all having fun. Besides the fact that they are so stinkin’ cute, they are so photogenic! I hope the mama is pleased because there wasn’t really a bad shot in the bunch.


More Lake Shore PICS!

Photographing friends is fun, but also adds a little bit of pressure. This family is so cute though that I knew I’d nail the pics! How adorable is the little boy?! I can’t get over his sweet smile. He was probably one of the most cooperative 3 year olds that I’ve ever worked with! Thanks again Annie for allowing me to capture these moments for your family!


New Lake Shore Client

I love new clients, especially when they chose the amazing setting of Lake Michigan! This family was super adorable. The younger boy was really shy and took a little while to warm up, but I think in the end the pics turned out really special for this family.


Family Fun with PICS

Sometimes when the children are grown and already photogenic, you have to add a little fun to get a better shot. This girl was a self proclaimed non-hugger. So, I made her dad hug her and got this amazing smile. I also had her piggy back with him, which she probably had not done it years. The splashing was obviously saved for the end, but those are always fun shots to capture.


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