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Maternity PICS

Sometimes I just laugh (in my head) at the parents during the sessions. This mama thought her daughter was doing so terrible and I kept assuring her that she was fine and I was getting some good shots. I loved the email I received after the session saying this, “Susan, I got the cd with all the pics and the photos are great! You did an awesome job!” I’m glad they were happy and I’ll see them soon when their new bundle arrives!



6 Month Twins!

Twins are like wildcards. They can both be amazing, or maybe one will, or maybe neither will cooperate. Well, I hit the jackpot with these two! They were amazing the whole time and we captured so many fantastic shots. I hope to see them soon, especially for a double smash the cake birthday session, that would be fun!


Welcome to the World Little Buddy

This little guy was so tiny and looked just like his dad. Another great newborn session with an adorable family. Thanks again!


Pinterest at it’s Finest!

This is the first time I met this sweet family with their newborn son. The mom was super low key and told me to do whatever I wanted. She did also have a couple Pinterest ideas that she wanted to try as well. The one with dad and his tattoo was something she saw on Pinterest and I thought we captured it perfectly. I was also happy she brought out a few MSU props because I love State and was excited to incorporate the helmet. I loved putting him in it rather than setting it beside him. So fun! 🙂


My Sister had a Baby!

Awe, there’s nothing like the feeling of becoming an aunt again. I had the privilege of visiting my sister when she arrived home from the hospital and staying for several days. It was nice to love on the baby and teach my baby sister everything that I’ve learned with my three girls. Good job sis, she’s completely adorable!


My Newest Sweet Neighbor

This family is near and dear to my heart. They live right next door and are amazing neighbors. The little boy calls me “the other mom,” which I think is so cute! Now, he gets to be a big brother to this little sweetheart. Congrats on your newest addition!


Meet Maddox

This was a strong little newborn. Every time we put him on his belly he was working on tummy time and lifting that head. Look at how sweet he is. Welcome to the world sweet baby!


Another Adorable Newborn!

Big brother is so stinkin cute and I’m sure this little one will be a ham in front of the camera as well. It’s been fun getting to know this family!


A First for ME at this Newborn Session!

This is a very active and outdoorsy family. I have done pics on snowmobiles in the past with them. So, it should not have surprised me when the mom said, “If you can incorporate this helmet somehow?” I was excited and said, “YES, let’s put him in it!” I love how it turned out and I think it was a nice surprise for dad as well!


Welcome to the World Sweet Baby!

You never know what to expect with newborns, but sometimes the older siblings are as much of a wild card as the baby. This new big sister had more fun climbing on me and messing with me than she did with her new sister. It was a great session though with a perfect (very sleepy) baby!


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