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3 Month Little Sweetie

This little girl was one of my best newborn clients ever. Well, she continued her streak and did really well at this session too.



Be Colorful and Don’t Be Afraid to Do Something Different!

I was delighted when I met this family at our location and saw what they were wearing. If you follow my website at all, I’m sure you have heard me say over and over how much I love color and layers! Their little guy had so much energy that I thought this shot on the left would be a perfect picture of their family dynamic. The shot on the right also just shows where they are and a little bit about each child’s style. I love both of these shots!

Another Beautiful Senior!

Seniors are definitely one of my favorites to photograph, especially with the natural beauty that this girl has. We had a beach session and an urban session and both were equally stunning!

PICS with Boys!

Boys will be boys! The older boy here didn’t really want much to do with pics. I do find that very common with boys in the age range of 18 months to about age 3. To avoid making them cry or throw a fit, I think the best thing is to just catch them playing. I love the shot of him on the Big Wheel. His face has a genuine smile because he was not being posed; I just caught him. The same often goes for babies. This 3 month old was happy, but not super smiley, until the mom started doing the small tosses into the air. That face is so sweet too!

Lake Michigan Mini Sessions!

I love shooting out at the lake shore, but the challenge is always the unknown weather. Friday evening was sunny and beautiful with billowing waves and blue skies with just a few fluffy clouds. Many would think that was perfect, but as a photographer I find myself always wishing for more clouds! The struggle is to find angles where the clients are not facing the sun and squinting horribly, they aren’t sideways where half of them are in a shadow, and I am not directly in the sun and getting sun spots. We worked it out and with eight back to back sessions, it was a fun night! Here come all the previews!

Sweet Baby Lyla!

This little honey gave us a run for our money with this session. Mom and dad said she had been up all night and should be sleepy. Well, after about 2 1/2 hours, she finally fell fast asleep. Her two older sisters are blond with big beautiful light eyes and this little one has the darkest hair for a wee little one! Isn’t she so adorable!

Sweet Neyla, 3 Months

This was a new client and we scheduled this as an inside session. I think some people might be intimidated by the idea of taking little babies outside. After starting our session inside, it was such a nice evening, that I suggested that we go outside. I always prefer outside over inside. The lighting and the colors can not be beat. This little girls was so cute with her bright blue eyes. I was happy we went out and captured these two shots and many more!

The Last of the TuTu Sessions!

Well, all I can say about this one is, “Hiiiiiiii!” This is Isabella. We’ve done family pics a number of times and tried the tutu session last year as well. Last year all she wanted to do was find and pick up rocks. She was completely uninterested in having her pictures taken. This year she did amazing. I started the session by peeking around my camera and saying, “Hiiiii!” She then said it back. This continued a couple dozen times, back and forth, and dragging out the word. It was hilarious with such a simple word, but she loved it and smiled away!

Overhead Angle & Ground Level Shots!

I love having children peek up at me in the sky. They are just so precious and I almost always get a wonderful smile like this shot on the left. The other one is a very basic technique, but a lot of people shooting for fun don’t do this; it is as simple as getting down on their level. I was laying on the ground right in front of her to get this shot on the right and it turned out super cute!

PICS Mini Portrait Sessions are SO Fun!

Although the location is the same and the clients are one right after another, each of these mini sessions are so different. I love how the personalities of each child help me to create unique poses just for them. This girl also was completely adorable and was great at giving the “giggle smile”.

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