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Photoshop Tip!

Sometimes it is unavoidable that you will have some fixing to do on a great photo to make it even better. This was one of those photos. The dog was a puppy, so they didn’t want to take his leash off. The client asked me if I could take the leash out. I can do that easily with the clone stamp. You’ll see the middle photo, the leash is gone. However, I am very particular when it comes to hands, hand placement, and keeping hands open and flat. So, the “grip” to me looked funny without the leash. My solution was to make his arm appear to be behind his back instead (the photo on the right). What do you think? That would be the photo that I personally would prefer of the three. How did I do it, two words, Clone Stamp! Clone Stamp is my favorite tool of all in PS. If you don’t know how to use it, practice because the options are endless with it!

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