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Smash the Cake Photos!

One year old pics rank up there with some of my favorite sessions! I especially love the smash the cakes. Some of the kids just dive right in, some eat a ton, and some don’t know what to do with it. This sweet girl barely ate a bite, but did get her hands pretty covered!



Another Smash the Cake Session!

So, part way through this session the mother said, “This is a disaster!” My response was this, “It would be a disaster if she was crying, but she’s not.” Basically, she was very sober most of the time. However, we ended up getting a lot of good shots. Here was what the mom said on Facebook after she received her disc, “I am shocked we got so many good ones!” I love that kind of ending to a session. It just shows all our hard work and acting ridiculous to get smiles paid off!


Smash the Cake Session!

It is bittersweet when I do the baby’s first year package. I love seeing these little ones grow every three months, but I don’t like to see them go after their first birthday session. This little one was all smiles today. We did lots of shots with her sister and then finished with the cake. She definitely enjoyed it!


Happy Birthday Ryan!

I’ve been really slow at updating my website. I’m sorry, but it is hard when it’s summer and beautiful out. I don’t know about you, but our summer is filled with friends, family, swimming and fun! Here is a little look at Ryan and the fun he had with his cake. For more pics from this session and every session, make sure you are following PICS on Facebook at


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