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Another Two Year Old Little Guy

This was a completely adorable family. The little girl had the sweetest face and the little boy gave me a run for my money. He gave me a couple big smiles when he was throwing rocks into the river (my idea of course) and the rest were just subtle grins.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from PICS Photography!

I trust Christmas was a wonderful day spent with family and loved ones. I hope it was centered on Jesus birthday so long ago. My family had a wonderful and special day. I’m looking forward to a New Years Eve spent with my husband and three girls having a movie night and staying off the roads. Here was our Christmas card this year. I’ll be sharing more client cards as well as soon as I peel them off the window. 🙂

Christmas Card 2012

The Last Mini of the Year!!

I have survived the busy season once again and I’m thankful to all of my clients for making it another great year!

Sneak Peek from Last Saturday’s Downtown Minis!

Girlie Girl From Day 1!

I knew going into this session that the mom would have a plan for props and poses. For her son we did a football jersey, golf club and a variety of other items. So, I brought all my girlie props with me and just as I expected, she had a stack almost as big as mine. Grandma had bought her this crown. Seriously, how adorable is that?! All around, she was a very cooperative (aka sleepy) newborn!! I love these shots below!

Are Newborn PICS Important?

This is one of my clients I met a couple years ago. Our first session was with their older daughter, who was 3 months old. The parents didn’t get newborn pics with her, but they decided to do it with their second daughter. I’m glad they did! Newborn sessions, in my opinion, are ones that should NEVER been skipped. Babies never will look that way again and they change so quickly that the moment needs to be captured! Isn’t she just sweet and adorable!

PICS with Boys!

Boys will be boys! The older boy here didn’t really want much to do with pics. I do find that very common with boys in the age range of 18 months to about age 3. To avoid making them cry or throw a fit, I think the best thing is to just catch them playing. I love the shot of him on the Big Wheel. His face has a genuine smile because he was not being posed; I just caught him. The same often goes for babies. This 3 month old was happy, but not super smiley, until the mom started doing the small tosses into the air. That face is so sweet too!

Another Great Example of What to Wear!

I’ve photographed this family before and the mother told me at this session, “This year I went for color!” I immediately told her that she got it right. I love the color combos here, not to mention how adorable these three are. They were so cooperative that I could hardly believe it. Not to mention they were at their best friend’s house and they all just wanted to play. More from the other family and the besties together coming in the next post!

These Two are Too Cute!

I love it when families come back year after year and choose different mini locations. The beach was perfect for this family and I think the photos turned out really nice with these two girls and their little brother as well.


I must be honest and say, I love my loyal clients who I have the privilege of capturing over and over again! Look at this family! They are completely beautiful and the little girl is so sweet. They are all around amazing to work with. Here’s another bit of info…One of my clients saw a photo I had on display of this family and thought the mom was ME with blond hair. Well, thank you VERY much for that huge compliment, she is gorgeous!!

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