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6 Month Twins!

Twins are like wildcards. They can both be amazing, or maybe one will, or maybe neither will cooperate. Well, I hit the jackpot with these two! They were amazing the whole time and we captured so many fantastic shots. I hope to see them soon, especially for a double smash the cake birthday session, that would be fun!



Twin Newbies

You never know what to expect with newborn session, especially newborn twins! We had a little bit of back and forth with the sleeping and being awake, but all in all it was a great session with some great shots! I love the double stack in daddy’s arms!


Twins PICS!

This was a fun session for me. I saw these twins several times during their first year of life. Now they are two and still cute as can be. The shot on the left was a repeat of one we did around nine months. I hope the client hangs it side by side with the other one because it’s sweet to see the difference!


Double the Love!

Newborn sessions can be a challenge, but twin newborn sessions are even more difficult. These two were about 4 weeks old because they were in the NICU for a little while. We had a great session and this little boy and girl did great!!


Twins & Wind for the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

When I saw the category was wind, I didn’t think I had anything to enter. Then I remembered these little twins and how windy this day was. We received so much feedback on this photo with everyone cracking up! Some people may have deleted it, but it still makes me smile every time I see it!


Photo Challenge Submission

3 Month Twins Boys

I had these two figured out during the session, but honestly, I have no idea which one is which now. They look SO much alike. I love this little guy tie photo so much and their big eyes are so cute!


Newborn Twins!!

I’m not going to say much about this session except that I’m sure the photo below is a preview into their future lives together. Blooper or not, the parents are probably going to cherish this one forever. It makes me laugh and smile every time I see it.


Quick Recap of Last Saturday’s Minis

Twins and a Baby Sister!

I see so many twins with my job. The one thing amazes me every time is the mother. If I had twins, I doubt I’d ever have enough energy to even think about having another baby. Here she is, little miss Ellie, just 9 days new. She was so sweet and loved being held. Trick for this left shot was that grandma was actually holding her inside the blanket. I definitely love it when clients bring grandmas to be assistants!

A Windy Day Makes for a Hilarious Photo!

All I am going to say about this one is, the left is a pretty normal and adorable shot, and the right happened when a big gust caught the twins hair! I love the outtake almost as much, maybe even more, than the standard shot. How could you not smile and laugh at that?!

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