Wall Display Guide

I have so many clients at a loss when it comes to displaying photos in their homes. So, I’ve decided to put together a page with display ideas from my home and displays clients have done as well. I hope you find inspiration! My rule of thumb is always, the bigger the better. Photography is like artwork and should be displayed in a scale with a “WOW” factor.

~You’ll notice that I love The Organic Bloom frames. This frame would look so silly if it wasn’t this size or larger above a sofa. I love the way it turned out with the two colors and the unique double stack! Display Tip 1 here! One of my favorite products to use is styrene board instead of a regular print. You can do this with any frame and just take the glass off. Then the inside of it really pops without having glass/acrylic over the print. This style/size frame would also look great over a bed.


~Here is another example of an Organic Bloom frame that is making an impact. Since I live in an older home, we do not have a mudroom or space to create one. I improvised by recently adding this batten mill work by my garage door (our main entry) as a catch all for my three girl’s coats and backpacks. As soon as it was painted, I loved it! But, it was missing something above it. I instantly decided one of the new multi-opening frames offered by The Organic Bloom would be perfect. I matched the color to my kitchen island and added a photo of each of my girls. Display Tip 2 here! When hanging multiple photos in a row, make sure the scale is similar. If one of my girls had her whole body in the shot and was much further away, she would not be noticed as much as the other two. These three faces are all cropped to a similar distance so that the eye is not drawn to one over another.


~The biggest “WOW” in my home is in my living room. We have a large picture window in that room, so anyone driving or walking by would see this display. It is also the first thing you would see coming into our entry way. I had these 16×16 boxes made for me by my father-in-law. I wanted dimension, but I didn’t want canvases. I decided on the size by measuring the empty space of the wall, taking away the spacing between the frames, and then coming up with a size that would give me three even rows of five. Display Tip 3 here! I always recommend measuring and figuring out the right size BEFORE you purchase frames. I also suggest using painters tape to frame things out on the wall if you are unsure of how it might look. After I painted the boxes, I ordered styrene board prints, and glued them to the boxes. This look would look great over any sofa, down a hallway or in any large open space with canvases, frames, boxes or whatever you can come up with!


~Here is a display sent to me by a client. After our sessions it is so fun seeing what clients have done. I adore these double stack Organic Bloom frames (black outer with a parchment center). The quad looks perfect in that space. Display Tip 4 here! Keep your arrangements close together. Unless it is a completely random display, the spacing should be small (I suggest 1-2″), so it feels like they belong together, like this one does. Good job Michelle!


~This client has an amazing home! I was excited to see how she’d display her 24×36 family portrait. This is in a little nook in front of her bedroom. It is just past the entryway and is displayed perfectly. Display Tip 5 here! Make sure your display is well lit! The chandelier is beautiful and displays the canvas wonderfully in the evening or during the day. Isn’t it a gorgeous display and family! Thanks so much for sharing Kris!


~Here is another client display. I will never forget this extended family session because one of the sisters lived in California and here in Michigan it was freezing and of course, snowing. I suggested at the end of the session that we go outside for a couple quick shots. Well, those ended up being the favorite shots of the whole family; I’m so glad I insisted on it. Display Tip 6 here! Make use of empty space. These two 20×24 canvases are hung in their stairwell, right by the landing. This is a space that can often be forgotten, but is seen at the entry and as you go up and down the stairs. Great placement of these wonderful family shots Miriam!


~Here is an example of a well thought out gallery wall. Display Tip 7 here! Mix new and old photos. I love adding classic photos (that you will never have to change) in a large wall display. This wall display has photos from four generations of the family. This is also nice because if you’ll notice, this is over a stairwell and definitely can get tricky to change out and hang pics in this location. (Sorry for the orange hue, but the can lights were a bit much.)

Gallery Wall

~This is another one from my home. Can you tell I’m a photographer and love photos? 😉 This was a challenge for me, why? I decided to do it completely random. Display Tip 8 here! Don’t be scared to mix and match styles and frames. I am typically very anal about spacing and having things level. But, I wanted something different for this wall going down to the basement. I decided to do it completely random! I saw the idea on Pinterest of the first letters of all of the family members names and I loved that idea. I put my husband and my initials on each end (a little larger) and my three girls in the middle. The rest were completely random frames that I just liked. I did have a little bit of a method though, I bought two of each and hung them on opposite sides of the center letters to give it a little bit of balance and symmetry.



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