What to Wear?

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I have three words when people ask what to wear to their sessions, COLOR, TEXTURE, and LAYERS. When it comes to color you can answer that question better than I can. What colors do you love? What color fills your closet? If you love blue, wear blue! If you love pink, wear pink! Chances are you like it because it looks great on you. After that comes adding texture and layers. The setting will often add texture to the photo, but add some too if you can. See the examples below and the descriptions of each.

Example 1: This was a 1 year old session with a couple family shots thrown in. The bright colors were perfect for this family, in the summer, to highlight the birthday girl’s beautiful blue eyes. VERY IMPORTANT TIP, if you are having family pics, stay in the same tone. If one person is going with a bold color and the others are in a muted tone, that bold color will be the only one standing out in the photo. This family did it right by all wearing bold colors.

Example 2: Another beautiful color pallet. The water and sky were a light blue/green and the bright tones of their clothing made the family stand out more than the setting, which was a wonderful choice. Also notice the mother’s eyes popping from her son’s blue shirt, genius!

Example 3: Some people love black (especially men). This is how you wear black if you must wear it. The mom and daughter both have on shiny tops with great texture. The daughter’s skirt adds more and then the black cardigans are not the only focal of the shot. This is how to do black.

Example 4: This photo set below has all three of the essentials. The bright color of the baby’s hood is at an ideal location, right by her face, to give her color in her face and brighten her eyes. The layers and patterns are also in perfect placement to not distract from the face, but to add a lot of visual interest. They also did a nice job of keeping in mind the location. This was shot at an apple orchard, which of course is almost all green and means you should avoid green, so that you don’t blend in with the background.

Example 5: This is the classic family shot. Sometimes boys are more challenging to dress, but this family got it right. The pattern on the older boy’s shirt is fully showing, but just the collar on the younger boy so they didn’t blend into each other. The open jackets add a layer, the subtle pattern in the dad’s jacket is perfect, the texture in the boy’s sweater and then the pop of color on the mother’s scarf is beautiful, but not overtaking the shot. Overall, this was very nicely done!

Example 6: Matching children is adorable, but this shows how to not go overboard with it. I love the pattern of the younger girl’s rompers, but I love even more that the other children are in solids to break up the pattern. These children have the most amazing eyes and hair and too much of anything would just distract from that. If you don’t know what to wear, look in the mirror and check what is the first thing you notice. If it isn’t your face, you may want to try something else.

  1. Thanks for for all the great tips on “what to wear”. So many ideas I never would have thought of!

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